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Summary and Minutes of Silver Content meeting of 1 October 2019

From: Jeanne Spellman <jspellman@spellmanconsulting.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2019 12:20:03 -0400
To: Silver Task Force <public-silver@w3.org>
Message-ID: <e2874a53-196c-0b2c-1b63-b71111421d49@spellmanconsulting.com>
== Summary ==

 1. Shawn gave a review of the TPAC content meetings. There isn't
    consensus of what process we should be following or an editorial
    pattern for functional needs. Charles pointed out that we lack a
    editorial pattern that identifies the need. What we have identifies
    the groups that benefit.  There are many different documents
    describing functional needs and we need to look at them all and pick
    the parts that fit us the best.  Jeanne will look for missing
    documents and ensure they are all listed on the wiki main page under
    Jeanne is making a list of unresolved issues from TPAC so they can
    be scheduled.  We also need to work on the project plan and
    prioritize what needs to be done before AGWG completes WCAG 2.2 and
    will start moving their focus to Silver.
 2. Jeanne brought Shawn and the group up-to-date on the charter
    timeline mistake.  In short, Silver originally scheduled the First
    Public Working Draft (FPWD) for Silver for November 2019. In
    May/June, the AGWG chairs reviewed the Silver timeline and moved the
    date to January.  The charter went out with the old date, and no one
    caught it.  Now we need to meet that date, as the charter cannot be
    changed at this point.  This is not a disaster, as the work we are
    doing is close to being ready for FPWD.  At TPAC, Andrew linked  the
    original FPWD of WCAG 2.0, which had large sections -- including
    conformance -- that had not even been started. The goal of a FPWD is
    to give the idea and flavor of Silver, not have a lot of polished
 3. The timeline to get the FPWD done by November:  Assuming we publish
    the last week of November, we need AGWG to approve the draft by
    mid-November.  Silver needs to finish the draft by end of October to
    give to AGWG.  Silver needs to see the (incomplete) work from the
    individual groups working on content at next week's meeting on
    Tuesday, October 8.
 4. Status on the official name for Silver:  Jeanne got an update from
    Michael Cooper, our W3C Staff Contact.  The W3C WAI staff have
    discussed the names proposed and did not find an acceptable name for
    a variety of reasons.  Jeanne has asked WAI staff to reform those
    reasons into requirements for a name, such as: accurately describe
    the work, have a pronounceable acronym, have an acronym that is not
    an objectionable word in any human language, etc.  Suggested that
    AGWG focus on the name, so we can focus on the content for
    November.  Jeanne will ask the chairs.

Issues/Tasks to be scheduled for discussion:

 1. Merging all the functional needs spreadsheets and processes into a
    process we can use.  Jeanne will locate the missing documents and
    update the wiki.  The purpose is to have a consistent process that
    meets the Requirements and goals of Silver that can be used to
    migrate existing WCAG success criteria to Silver and to write new
 2. Project plan:  How to prepare for AGWG shifting focus to Silver
    work.  What needs to be done in what priority?

== Minutes ==

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