proposal for Requirement for Technology Neutral

The Technology Neutral requirement was added last summer at the request 
of AGWG.  At the time, we didn't know  how we were going to do that.  
Now that we have the information architecture prototype, we have a good 
idea that the Guidelines will be technology neutral, and the Methods 
will be technology specific. For example, most the success criteria 
under Robust will become Methods, because they are specific to HTML.

We will be discussing this at Friday's meeting.  Alternate proposals are 

Technology Neutral

Separate the text description of the guideline from the technical 
platform (such as HTML, CSS) so that the purpose of the guideline is 
understandable by a non-technical audience.  The technical guidance is 
easily displayed, but is not essential to understanding the guideline. 
This also gives the ability to apply the guidelines to emerging 
technology, even if the technical advice does not yet exist.

Received on Wednesday, 13 February 2019 01:09:16 UTC