Summary & MInutes from Silver meeting of 10 December 2019

== Summary ==

Alan Dalton of wrote an article about Silver.  It has 
interesting links.  We have already picked up a new person who wants to 

Each group reported in on where they are around writing tests and what 
resources they need.  We digressed into a discussion of intellectual 
property and W3C patent policy.  Most groups are preparing to write 
tests. Alt text group created a document with a list of needed updates 
to existing WCAG Techniques for alt text. Clear words is working on new 
tests including a rubric.

We reviewed the Content Writing Process document Part 2 for testing.  We 
will continue with writing new tests.

Jeanne reported on updates to the wiki main page and the welcome page.

Janina reported that there was an update to WCAG Issue 757 related to 
color contrast.

== Minutes ==

Received on Tuesday, 10 December 2019 16:03:59 UTC