Summary & minutes of Silver Content subgroup meeting of 3 December 2019

*CSUN face-to-face & sponsorship?*
We'll have face-to-face working sessions at CSUN, likely Monday & Tuesday,
but we'll need to confirm days, location, and get a sense of who can join.
Jeanne will send out an interest form.

*Wiki page for people to sign up
and outreach*

   - Separated out Tests & Methods
   - We'll start off with outreach to individuals
   - We'll add descriptions of each skill/role so people have a better
   sense of what they'll sign up for

*FPWD & Group check-in: what are your milestones, when do you expect to
reach each of them, and what help or resources do you need to meet them?*

   - Clear words on target for end of December.
   - Point of regard will have more progress during the holidays.
   - Alt text moving forward and on track to finish end of December or
   - Audio description looks challenging for FPWD, will refocus to help
   another group and work on audio description at CSUN.

*December schedule*: Reminder that holidays and travel schedules will make
December meetings difficult. We may just go without calls December 23 -
January 3, but we do have some people available then. We'll update on the
list, either way!

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