Minutes of Silver Conformance Subgroup meeting


We worked on turning the goals of the Silver Conformance into measures.  
We started with the Requirements document, and went through the first 
two Requirements:

Multiple Ways to Measure:

  * We clarified that we will have more than true/false tests available
    (WCAG SC are essentially true false tests).
  * We discussed the tests that could be available, such as Cognitive
    Walkthrough, Rubrics, Sliding Scale and agreed that we would have at
    least 3 examples of different types of tests
  * In order to show that this met the needs of more people with
    disabilities, we would take the examples of new content from Low
    Vision Task Force and the Cognitive Accessibility Task Force and
    show how they fit in the conformance model.  We would then ask the
    LVTF and COGA TF for feedback.

Flexible maintenance and extensibility:


    Pick at least 2 emerging technologies, take sc for those through the
    entire cycle, demonstrate or work product with SMEs in the area of
    that emerging technology.  If our work product meets with their
    satisfaction, and we have more than one, we would call that a success.

Detailed Minutes of the Meeting:


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