Some topics or themes came out in the latest email threads on Motivation and Partial Conformance.
While it was hard to keep up with, and consider all points of view, I personally distilled it down to doubt.

I want to remind everyone that the purpose of the prototyping phase of Silver is to validate the assumptions behind them. We have done a small amount of validation along the way to advise the progress, like surveying the entire working group and community group and iterating on ideas as the result of a large volume of input. However, the intent is still the elimination of doubt through various methods of testing the prototypes. This would / should include the conformance model.

Tantek Çelik just reminded us all of a cautionary tale from CSS. As a guest on the Big Web Show podcast, he said:

“This is back when standards could happen by just a bunch of people agreeing in a room. … CSS 2 was unimplementable as it was written. … The lesson learned there is that if you do a standard without proving it in process with implementations, you are not actually making a useful standard. You are just making an academic paper. … And it’s kind of deceiving.”

The Big Web Show, Episode 186, March 17 2019
Tantek Çelik—web standards, toolchains, and the decentralized web

Sorry, there is no posted transcript. The quote comes from 40 to 45 minutes in the show.

We still have to prove this works. Ideally, through more formalized testing with statistically significant participation that includes people of varying functional needs as well as global representation. Doubt will be eliminated.

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