Feedback from AGWG

At the annual W3C conference, TPAC, we asked members of the 
Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AGWG - the group that wrote WCAG 
2.1) to test two of our prototypes:
 * Information Architecture
 * Plain Language

Thank you to John Rochford, Detlev Fischer, Laura Carlson, Brooks 
Newton, and David McDonald for using our templates to test the 
prototypes.  Your comments have stimulated interesting discussion, 
helped us refine the prototypes,  and raised some important issues to 

Yesterday, I attended the AGWG meeting where they discussed the 
prototypes. Only the information architecture prototype was discussed. 
These are my impressions from the meeting:

* It is hard to write guidance without knowing the conformance model
* We need to add more instructions in the templates to clarify where the 
testing fits.  (It is in Methods, but it doesn't stand out.)
* Tagging should also include the ability to select the platform being 
tested, e.g. Motion Actuation (2.5.4)
* This architecture could dramatically increase the number of Methods. 
The example of Keyboard (2.1.1) currently has few Techniques, but if 
testing is only in the Methods, many more Methods would be needed.
* DmD: When the testability is taken out of the guidelines, they can be 
made simpler.
* DmD: This information architecture creates the opportunity to combine 
many SC that are currently separated because of technology or testing. 
(Jeanne: I had heard for years that 1.3.1 needs to be split up, but 
David thought that the new architecture of Silver meant it could stay 
together and require more methods. I liked that.)
BN: I like the concept of sharing the responsibility for accessibility 
so it isn't all on content owners. That makes it easier.  (Jeanne: 
Brooks example has some interesting Methods. We should discuss in the 
DF: Do you have to test positively across several methods? e.g. Bypass 
Blocks could be met using skip links, landmarks, headings, etc.  We need 
a mechanism for minimum requirements.

For those who want to read the minutes of the discussion, here is a deep 
link into the AGWG minutes where they discussed the Silver prototypes.

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