Outline of Current Accessibility Guidelines

As a followup to the discussion in today's meeting, I wrote a outline of 
the current structure of accessibility guidelines. It got longer as I 
realized there were more documents that should be considered.  The first 
section is a rather exhaustive list of accessibility guidance from W3C, 
including all the ARIA documents that will not be included in Silver, 
but could be referenced from Silver.  Some may be interesting for 
information architecture ideas. I also included some of the EO documents 
that could be referenced by Silver.

The subsequent sections are brief and contain an outline of the 
structure of the W3C Accessibility Guideline document and its supporting 


It is stored in the Information Design folder in Phase 3 folder in 
Google Drive.

Comments in Google doc or by email to the list are welcome.

Received on Tuesday, 5 June 2018 19:40:50 UTC