Updated Silver Requirements

Thank you for all the very thoughtful and constructive comments on the 
Silver Requirements.  We think the Requirements are much improved 
because of your feedback.  We have a new draft of the Silver Requirements:

Here are some changes we would like to draw your attention to:

We added a section in the Intro to compare the Silver requirements with 
WCAG 2.0 requirements and WCAG 2.1 Requirements.

The Problem Statements have been moved to the Introduction (as 
recommended) and have been changed from Problems to Opportunities and 
have included the descriptive text (edited to add context) from the 
Opportunities section of each problem statement.  We thought this was a 
better approach than use cases, which the group felt would be too narrow 
and restrictive at this time.

The Design Principles have been adjusted as recommended to omit one 
confusing one and to edit and reorder others.

The Requirements section has been changed to add more context to 3.1 
Multiple ways to measure. We hope this will address the comments that 
requested a requirement for testable.

We have added a Requirement title with an editor's note for 3.4 
Technology Neutral. Several people asked for including this as a 
requirement, but the Silver group is not ready to address this issue. 
Some issues arose in the Silver research that we want to resolve before 
addressing this requirement in detail.  We wanted to put it in the 
Requirements as an issue that is important and being studied, but are 
not yet clear as to the direction we should take.

The full changelog is at the end of the Requirements document:


Jeanne Spellman
Shawn Lauriat

Received on Monday, 9 July 2018 18:08:20 UTC