RE: How Accessibility Guidelines Are Structured - Survey Feedback

Here's my $0.02 for consideration.

1. Suggest we standardize on using the term "accessibility standard(s)" or "accessibility guideline(s)" throughout the survey.

2. For Q14: "How confident are you that you or your project leaders understand how to meet the conformance level (A, AA, or AAA) you're striving for?" I think there is enough difference between "you" and "project leaders" that we may want to choose one, or ask two separate questions. I may be confident in my own understanding , but not so much in the understanding of my colleagues. Also, it's unclear what's meant (to me) by project leaders. Is it strictly the project manager, the client, or the entire project team, we are curious about here.

3. For Q15: "Were there any challenges in understanding the conformance levels?"
suggest restate the question
"How challenging was it for you in understanding the conformance levels?"
with scale
 Very challenging
Not challenging
   Not sure  
  Some ambiguity in understanding conformance levels
  Don't understand conformance levels
  Other (please describe the challenges you faced in understanding conformance levels (A, AA, or AAA).
4. For Q18, suggest this scale to make it the same as other importance scales:
Very important
 Not sure  
 Some ambiguity in requirements  
 Don't understand the requirements  
 Other (please explain how important it is to you that all content on a page must satisfy all relevant WCAG success criteria for the page to conform).

5. For Q20: "How important is it to you that all parts of a process meet WCAG?" On read of this question, I'm not sure which process we're asking about. Suggest a parenthetical explanation be provided for "a process."
Also, suggest the following scale to be similar to other importance items
Very important
 Not sure  
 Some ambiguity 
Other (please explain how important it is to you that all parts of a process meet WCAG). 

6. For  Q23: "In your experience, what impact does the “accessibility supported” requirement have on conformance claims?"
Suggest a scale item be added between Great and Little impact
Some Impact  

7. For Q27: The first half of the question sounds like a ratings question, which I think would be useful on its own: " How effective do you think conforming to accessibility standards are in meeting legal obligations?"
with the scale
Very effective
Not effective
 Not sure  

Then, add this as part of the question, underneath the scale, and make it open-ended
Please give an example(s) with reference to legislation you’re most familiar with. 


Received on Tuesday, 6 February 2018 23:15:31 UTC