Minutes of Silver meeting of 6 February 2018


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                                - DRAFT -

                     Silver Task Force Teleconference

06 Feb 2018


           Jan, JaeunJemmaKu, Charles, Shawn, Jannison, Kelsey,
           JohnM, jeanne, Imelda


           Shawn, Jeanne



      * [2]Topics
          1. [3]San Diego face-to-face meeting invitation additions
             & responses
          2. [4]Research updates & reviews
          3. [5]How to present our findings
      * [6]Summary of Action Items
      * [7]Summary of Resolutions

San Diego face-to-face meeting invitation additions & responses

    <jeanne> Shawn: we now have 17 people confirmed

    <jeanne> Jeanne: We had a good interview with Wayne Dick, who
    had thoughtful consideration and creative ideas for Silver. Jan
    and I would like to recommend that we invite him to the design

    <jeanne> Jan: I will send the invite

    Jan - sent an invite to Kevin Johnson for the design sprint -
    haven't heard back yet.

Research updates & reviews

    Shawn: 17 people have RSVPd yes to attend

    Jan: interview update - 5/12 interviews are complete. Very
    interesting ones - finding good justifications from ppl both
    inside and outside WCAG for moving to plain language (move away
    from legal language)

    *Jeanne & Jan

    Jan: haven't invited Lainey to the design sprint

    Jeanne: there will be more international interviews around

    <jeanne> Kelsey: [Reviewing changes to the conformance survey]

    <jeanne> ... concerned that there are too many open response

    <jeanne> ... in the Legal and Regulatory section there are 4
    open ended, 5 in total. 30 questions total

    <jeanne> Jennison: I'm concerned that people may get tired of

    <jeanne> Jeanne: Sarah's survey was months ago and we have no
    plans for another survey after this.

    Kelsey: I will send the Accessibility Guidelines survey out for
    everyone's review before we launch it.

    Jeanne: job stories, problem statements, research analysis,
    literature review paper (everything we're putting together for
    the design sprint) - these will inform the reports

    Shawn: 1/3 of the way through to review paper from Eleanor, may
    complete by tomorrow or Friday

    Jeanne: will begin interview analysis next week - they will
    share the summary with our Silver Task Force group

How to present our findings

    Jeanne: Had a good meeting with Michael Cooper yesterday. He
    had suggestions for us based on past experience. The cognitive
    accessibility task force did a 2 yr research project. When that
    research reached the WCAG working group it could've had more impact.
    ... How will we present our findings so people actually read

    Charles: The Silver Community Group should publish our research
    as a report in the community group (rather than in the WIKI) -
    focus on executive summaries, rather than academic depth

    Jeanne: Do a summary paper which includes highlights of all of
    the research. Break into 3 sections: conformance, usability &

    Jan: People always ask "is there any research on that." We have
    to be really thoughtful about the categories of info we've
    gathered. Define the categories. List gap areas in the
    research. This could help inform a paper. Categorizing is VIP.

    Jeanne: Do you have a template in mind, Jan could set up on the

    Jan: I can work on this but might need help.

    Jeanne: we have the research questions & Jemma has info from
    literature review that would be helpful.

    Jemma - had extra categories. But I'm focusing on 3 things
    (conformance, usability & maintenance).

    Jeanne: Jemma, can you share the full list of categories with
    Jan? Just need access to digital libraries to see this list.

    Charles: I mentioned "executive summary" because that's the
    approach we take at my agency.

    Jeanne: I'm thinking we need a summary that may be a report (or
    slide deck). We need to use plain language.

    Jan: When people ask for research, it's usually comes from not
    knowing how to solve a problem. We need to be careful w/ how we
    respond to that.

    Jeanne: need to write up analysis (from audience research).
    Notes from Toronto, Bay Area meeting and other research.

    Kelsey: I can work on this.

    Shawn: Reach out to others in W3C community to see if they have

    John: I'm not clear on what's involved. But I'm happy to help.

    Kelsey + John + Jeanne to set up a call to discuss this

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

    [End of minutes]

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