Categories of Functional User Needs

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Re types of disabilities, here is how I classify them.  I feel that your 
classification leaves many out.

Mobility and motor control
Sensory - visual and auditory
Cognitive - includes wide-range of conditions, neurodiversity and 
functional impacts
Mental health
Other medical
Other - includes intersectional, unclassified age-related disability and 
disabilities that don’t fit neatly into category or diagnosis.

It is in the in-between spaces that we find fatigue, overwhelm, 
solutions for one that create barriers for another (even within the same 
person), vulnerability (such as to technology addiction), and other issues.

We know technology has implications for mental health and these may very 
well increase as we look forward in time.  This is distinct from 
cognitive impacts.

How can we change the scoring system to reflect this?

Received on Friday, 14 December 2018 18:57:23 UTC