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       [1] http://www.w3.org/

                                - DRAFT -

                     Silver Task Force Teleconference

24 Apr 2018


           LuisG, Roy, jeanne, Jan, kirkwood, jaeunjemmaku, Kelsey,
           Charles, Shawn, Imelda, Jennifer


           Shawn, jeanne



      * [2]Topics
          1. [3]Plain language
          2. [4]TPAC planning
          3. [5]Finishing up research document
          4. [6]GAAD Planning
      * [7]Summary of Action Items
      * [8]Summary of Resolutions

Plain language


       [9] https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nJZvZgF_syTV9BgBwxMGobpJ6dDKEo2r


    <scribe> scribe: jeanne

    shawn: We want to get a feel of what people think about this.

    John: I like to watch TV with the captions because I like
    spelling on so if I'm not giving 100% of my attention it helps.

    Jeanne: John took the language we drafted (VideoOriginal) and
    then ran it through a tool to simplify it (VideoSimple)

    Charles: The language was hastily designed by committee. I
    think when it was simplified, it no longer accurately reflects
    the original.
    ... for example, the title simplified well. It didn't go far
    enough. Some people cannot hear.
    ... as it progresses it can be further simplified.
    ... I think the tool does a good job, but it needs human
    intervention to insure that it stays with the intent of the

    Shawn: I agree with Charles that it needs human oversight.

    Jeanne: I thought it oversimplified toward the end where it was
    ... I want to see it tried on WCAG language, instead of
    language already tested.

    Charles: I like the list of principles that JohnR provided as a
    basis for a style guide.

    Shawn: I think the WCAG testing is the next step.
    ... There are a lot of sources that have different rules to
    make a style guide.
    ... Chaals suggested we adopt a styleguide instead of trying to
    create our own.

    Imelda: Is there a checklist of how to evaluate the ease of

    Charles: I think that is up to us to say.
    ... it probably best lives separately from the styleguide
    ... the goal of simple language is multi-faceted. We are trying
    to find better understanding and ease of translation.
    ... we are also trying to have it layered or an outline
    structure that graduates to complex when needed.
    ... in the example we have "some people cannot hear", starts
    simple, but becomes more complex as it gets more technical.
    ... We need a criteria, "does the text conform to the
    styleguide?" "is the text easily understood?"

    Jennifer: Are you a creating a guide so that Silver is written
    in plain language, or a guide for people to use later to create
    content with plain language?

    Jeanne: JohnR is a leading researcher in simple language. He is
    developing a tool that he has offered to let us you. The tool
    translates into simple language. I don't know his plans for the
    tool. We are evaluating whether we think the tool would work
    for us.
    ... I think the next step should be to select 3 success
    criteria from WCAG and email him and ask him to run the tool on

    Charles: Let's get a range of them. 2.4.10 Section headings is
    pretty simple already.
    ... 4.1.2 is one of the most complex
    ... 1.3.3 for a midrange

    Luis: 2.2.2 is a good example - it's long

    Shawn: We can give John these, as they are a good example of a
    range and ask him to what would be a good test.

    <scribe> ACTION: jeanne to email JohnR to ask him to try
    converting the WCAG SCs we selected for a test of simple

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-173 - Email johnr to ask him to try
    converting the wcag scs we selected for a test of simple
    language [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2018-05-01].

    <Kelsey> Guideline 3.1 Readable: Make text content readable and

TPAC planning

    <Lauriat> [10]https://www.w3.org/2018/10/TPAC/Overview.html

      [10] https://www.w3.org/2018/10/TPAC/Overview.html

    Shawn: We are considering meeting at TPAC in Lyon, France.
    ... 22-26 OCTOBER 2018

    Kelsey: Are we also meeting in Texas?

    <Charles> Access U:

      [11] https://knowbility.org/programs/accessu/2018/

    Jeanne: Yes, some of us are meeting at AccessU on 15 May in
    Austin, Tx to run a prototyping dropi-in center for the AccessU
    speakers and attendees. We want to take advantage of the
    expertise there.

    Shawn: We should send out a form.

    Jeanne: I'll send out a wbs survey.

    <Charles> I am fine with the Conformance Survey report being

Finishing up research document

    Jeanne: I would like to finish up the Research reports that are
    in draft form so I can move them to the CG.

GAAD Planning

    Jeanne: We had talked about making a slide deck for GAAD (May
    17) that we could use for presentations and make it available
    for others to use.

    <Charles> I am adding a couple slides about the status of
    Silver to my own GAAD presentation. It will be in Google Slides
    and I can share when complete if interested.

    Kelsey: WWe could include examples of how PwD struggle to help
    build empathy

    JohnK: I'm doing a presentation and I would like to incorporate
    Silver slides into it.

    Jeanne: We have some standard slides that we use in most of the
    Silver presentations: Goals, Timeline, etc. We need to make new
    slides on Design Sprint results

    JohnK: I would like to incorporate info on Silver and end with
    asking for more participation.

    <Charles> Speaking of signing up, RE: Action 171 from last
    week. Folder is created and status document within it:

      [12] https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VtNVXe8PaM6NA8pZLyUDPv4Hh99IG59K

    jeanne: Next steps on GAAD: creating slides of results.
    ... let's discuss on Friday

    Shawn: Friday agenda will be: Project plan, Requirements doc,
    and GAAD presentation.

Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: jeanne to email JohnR to ask him to try
    converting the WCAG SCs we selected for a test of simple

Summary of Resolutions

    [End of minutes]

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