Minutes of Silver meeting of 20 April 2018

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       [1] http://www.w3.org/

                                - DRAFT -

                     Silver Task Force Teleconference

20 Apr 2018


           Jan, Lauriat, MichaelC_, Luis_Garcia, kirkwood, JohnM,
           shari, Jennison, jeanne, LuisGarcia, Charles,


           Jeanne, Shawn



      * [2]Topics
          1. [3]AccessU meeting scheduled
          2. [4]Finalizing the Design Sprint Report (someone sort
             the HMW?)
          3. [5]Standards for naming and tagging (user test at
          4. [6]Requirements document
          5. [7]Plain Language Next Steps
          6. [8]F2F meeting at TPAC in October?
      * [9]Summary of Action Items
      * [10]Summary of Resolutions

AccessU meeting scheduled

    jeanne: We are scheduled at AccessU on the 15th.
    ... it will be a drop in meeting for anyone who wants to check
    on the work and contribute to the prototype.
    ... We will make posteSilverrs about

Finalizing the Design Sprint Report (someone sort the HMW?)


      [11] https://www.w3.org/community/silver/draft-final-report-of-silver/

Standards for naming and tagging (user test at AccessU?)

    Charles: I think the Information ARchitecture and the Naming
    and Tagging should be merged, because there is a great deal of
    overlap. How to we come up with names so we can "datbase eall
    the things" approach that will allow us to display information
    more effectively.
    ... I see these two as part of one large project
    ... I think we are all agreed that we should invite s ome
    ... I have talked with Peter Morville who is an expert in IA.
    He is willing to help us raise awareness and host a guest on
    his podcast, and do introductions
    ... he suggested I reach out to ?? and ??? to look for some
    young students who would be willing to do more work as a resume
    building activity. They are trained by experts.
    ... I will take steps to organize work spaces to organize that

    Jeanne: We also need to involve W3C Systeam.

    Jennison: Can we do one without the other?

    Charles: In order to test sometehing, we have to have something
    to test. There are tools that allow users to order things that
    makes sense to them.
    ... we would want to run an open card sort at AccessU. Where
    they name the categories
    ... and a close card sort where we give them items and they
    sort them into categories.

    Jeanne: we don't have to do it at AccessU, it's a very short
    time frame

    Charles: These are online tools, so we can just socialize the

    <LuisGarcia> Jeanne: publicity about Silver will help ability
    to recruit. Even that interview is a good starting point

    <LuisGarcia> .. Could also do scaled down "just
    recommendations" and socialize that, so people don't need to
    worry about a 22 page paper

    Charles: we should use the AccessU as a recruiting tool to get
    people involved in Silver ror proptypes

    <scribe> ACTION: Jeanne with Charles will set up a place for
    people to work on the Information architecture

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-171 - With charles will set up a
    place for people to work on the information architecture [on
    Jeanne F Spellman - due 2018-04-27].

Requirements document

    Shawn: We need to look through the examples and decide what we
    want to put into it an how.

    <Charles> once the outline is established, I can contribute to
    the requirements document

    Shawn: I think I can work on a early first draft. I can have a
    drftt ready for Friday meeting.

    <scribe> ACTION: Shawn to write aerly draft of Requirements

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-172 - Write aerly draft of
    requirements outline [on Shawn Lauriat - due 2018-04-27].

Plain Language Next Steps

    Jeanne: What is the next thing we need to do for Plain

    Charles: We have the sample from John Rochford with the
    principles he used to create them.
    ... we need to look at the sample of John Rochford's video and
    decide whether or not that is the direction we want to pursue
    ... I added a page with all the resources I sent on simple
    ... there is an ISO standard for how to write standards in
    plain language

    Shari: The ISO standard is different from the Federal
    requirements for plain language in response to the Plain
    Language Act.

    <Charles> list of resources are in this doc:


    Jeanne: Do we know if people in COGA have objections to the
    existing the standards?

    Shari: All the COGA documents refere to the Federal documents
    for the Plain Language Act of 2010.

    JohnK: That has been discussed quite a bit in COGA, and that is
    what the group has concensus on in the COGA TF.

    Shari: COGA TF also requests that all the material be written
    in upper primary level.

    Jeanne: I think that we can do that for a lot of areas in
    Silver. We may have to go more technical in developer pages.

    Charles: That's the importance of the style guides, when
    something falls out of that range, we have a plan of how to
    handle it.

F2F meeting at TPAC in October?

    jeanne: We have the opportunity to meet there.
    ... you can attend remotely.

    SHari: no

    Jennison: No

    <JohnM> no

    Jan: Yes

    <kirkwood> probably

    Shawn: Yes

    Jeanne: probably

    Charles: If funding allows.

    Jeanne: we will discuss more on Tuesday. I'll send out a

Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: Jeanne with Charles will set up a place for
    people to work on the Information architecture
    [NEW] ACTION: Shawn to write aerly draft of Requirements

Summary of Resolutions

    [End of minutes]

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