Case Studies - Research Update

Hi all,

Here is the progress on my research:

Last I updated Sarah over the summer, I was lining up secondary sources to
review. I've since read through those and added a few primary sources to
the list as well. An outline is forming out of that document review, and
the writeup itself will soon be underway.

The story centers on ADA and Section 504 - the process around their passage
into legislation and the detailed guidelines subsequently issued by the
relevant governing bodies. I've also found some material on LEED so, time
permitting, there will be a section on LEED's rapid adoption as an
international green infrastructure standard. LEED has some useful takeaways
for the task force -- Similar to Silver's work and unlike the federal
mandates of ADA and 504, LEED was adopted by organizations voluntarily.
Including them will enable a greater range of implementation strategies to
be presented for Silver to choose from in its forthcoming efforts.

Questions and feedback from all are welcome.


Stanley Lam
President and Chairman
Project Possibility

Received on Thursday, 21 September 2017 15:03:53 UTC