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Minutes of the meeting of 11 April 2017

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       [1] http://www.w3.org/

                     Silver Task Force Teleconference

11 Apr 2017

    See also: [2]IRC log

       [2] http://www.w3.org/2017/04/11-silver-irc


           JaEunJemmaKu, Jeanne, sarahhorton, Jan, Jemma, Jennison,
           Sarah, Shawn, Sukil, sukilkim


           Shawn, jeanne



      * [3]Topics
          1. [4]Research project sheet review
          2. [5]Review Literature Review draft post
          3. [6]Identify tasks for delegation to the community
          4. [7]Identify community group members to receive said
          5. [8]Korean Mobile standards English translation
      * [9]Summary of Action Items
      * [10]Summary of Resolutions

Research project sheet review

    Sarah: Stanley is under way with his project. He has 3 projects
    that he was interested in, and has narrowed it down to 1
    project -- studying how physical accessibility of buildings
    moved from a regulation to a specification that became common
    knowledge, and what are the political factors that keep it
    relevant over time.
    ... as time and resources allow, he will pursue other aspects
    of the other two projects.
    ... I asked him to look at the community group and how to use
    that as a way to use it for communication.
    ... how to talk about and publish the results of the project. I
    said that I would bring it back to the group.
    ... how would the Silver task force support that work. Could
    they say that it was part of the Silver Task Force work?

    Shawn: We need to write it down so it is clear. The research
    can say "this is how the research is supporting the work of the
    SIlver Task Force."

    Sarah: I want to send an email out to the mailing list, or put
    a URL that we can refer to.
    ... it's on the Research page, but what is there isn't specific
    about what he can say.
    ... we need to get the word out about what we are doing to
    support the researcher effort.
    ... if there is a blurb they can put in their paper.

    Shawn: I will add a bullet.

    Sarah: suggest "if you are publishing a paper", "If you are
    doing a presentation"

    <jemma> rrsagents, make minutes

    Jeanne: There is a specific statement in the Community Group
    FAQ. It is very open. The only thing they can't do is claim
    that their research is endorsed by the W3C or is a standard
    endorsed by the W3C.

    Shawn: We need to have an overall picture of where things are.

    <jemma> make log public

    Shawn: milestones would helpful to planning as we go.

    Sarah: Pete will give us survey questions on the 13th and meet
    with us on the 18th.


      [11] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bsqv595CnSzmUa2Tv53duudNvn_ExTW6xGx-6_ECM7c/edit#gid=55201506

    Jemma: Eleanor is waiting on the institutional board approval
    for her research.
    ... her own research interest is corporate hiring practices for
    people with neural disabilities

    Sukil: It was approved for release last Friday.


      [12] https://www.zotero.org/groups/w3c_silver/items/collectionKey/8P548W7C/itemKey/HM5XIQ5T

    Sukil: it is loaded into the folder above

    <jemma> login required to access above doc

    Sukil: We have a standardization community, technical community
    and a policy committee. They have created the mobile device
    accessibility guidelines. We are thinking how we can
    categorize: platform, device, application, and content.
    ... we will continue this research and and will give us
    research results in September.

    Jemma: is the supported by the government?

    Sukil: this isn't in partnership with the government. We will
    propose the standards.

    <jemma> it is rather the effort by a11y experts in Korea.

    Sarah: I talked today with David Swallow. He is going to
    continue his PhD work on the usability of WCAG for developers.
    He is going to continue that work and share it with the Silver
    Task Force.

    <jemma> +q

    Sarah: in the past, he has been doing contextual inquiry, but
    that is time consuming. He is considering a self-journaling
    project. He has finalizing his plans and will share them with
    me on Friday.

    Jemma: Is our goal to include mobile device as well as content?

    Shawn: we want to have a broader scope, but it hasn't been
    decided yet. It will be decided by research.
    ... will it include the 4 categories as part of the standard
    ... It is under consideration, but we will wait for the
    research. We want the scope to be supported by research instead
    of just our opinions.

    Jan: No updates from Friday

    Jemma: Watanabe and I have not connected yet because of time
    zone challenges.

Review Literature Review draft post

      [13] https://www.w3.org/community/silver/2017/03/14/introduction-to-literature-review-project/


      [14] https://www.w3.org/community/silver/2017/03/14/introduction-to-literature-review-project/

    Jemma: I want to link it to Sarah's post.

    Sarah: Once you publish it, I can link it.

    Jeanne: It is clear and short, a very good summary of the work.

    General agreement to publish Literature Post on the community
    group page.

Identify tasks for delegation to the community group

    Shawn: Since research is the major task going on right now, are
    there tasks that the Community Group members can do to work
    with research partners?

    Jennison: I can work with folks in the Bay Area through the
    meetup there. I can also work with people via LinkedIn.

    Shawn: Our stakeholder list is heavily oriented toward people
    in the accessibility field. We could use more communication and
    outreach to people outside the accessibility field to study how
    useful WCAG is to developers, for example.

    Jennison: That is a major interest of mine. Say the word and I
    will step in.

    Shawn: What are tasks that people who are stakeholders and
    members of the community could do?

    Jeanne: I would be very interested in what ideas that Jennison
    has for his network of contacts.

    Sarah: We have the posts, and that could engage community
    members in the discussion
    ... from the projects I am involved in, I haven't seen an
    opportunity for someone to partner on a research project, but
    as the research projects get moving, I think it will become

    Shawn: In the individual conversations with resesarchers, let
    them know that there accessibility professionals mostly focused
    on web who are in the community group who are willing to help.

Identify community group members to receive said delegation

Korean Mobile standards English translation


      [15] https://files.zotero.net/3602622037/KS X 3253-2016(en)mobile accessibility guidelines 2.0.pdf

    Sukil: It has guidance to current mobile accessibility
    guideline of W3C. It is the Korean standard, the public and
    private sector should conform to the standard. It is related to
    "W3C Note: How WCAG applies to Mobile"

    Jemma: Some of it applies to WCAG.

    Sukil: It is related to

      [16] https://www.w3.org/TR/mobile-accessibility-mapping/

    <jemma> [17]http://w3c.github.io/Mobile-A11y-TF-Note/

      [17] http://w3c.github.io/Mobile-A11y-TF-Note/

    Jeanne: This W3C mobile work has evolved. In 2013, W3C WAI work
    began to write the mobile issues. We published the document
    above - "How WCAG Applies to Mobile". Then we started working
    on what wasn't covered by WCAG, which resulted in the Mobile
    extension draft. Now that is all being combined into WCAG 2.1.

    <jemma> this is great!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

    [End of minutes]
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