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Re: 90 minutes with HCI researchers - what would you discuss?

From: Lloyd Rutledge <Lloyd.Rutledge@cwi.nl>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 15:12:48 +0200
Message-ID: <462CB0D0.2060607@cwi.nl>
To: public-semweb-ui@w3.org, Duane Degler <ddegler@ipgems.com>, "'Lisa Battle'" <lisa@designforcontext.com>, Scott Henninger <scotth@cse.unl.edu>

Thanks, Duane, for setting this up.  The results will be interesting.
Here are some questions I'd ask:

What is in it for HCI?  The need for HCI methods in Semantic Web
research and practice is obvious: we now have all this great machine
processing of knowledge, now we need to have users make the most of
it.  But can you describe what unique contributions the Semantic Web
field has to offer to concerns currently held by the HCI community?
Are there important HCI problems that the Semantic Web is uniquely
suited to address?  What Semantic Web-related topics would you like
to see covered in papers at next year's CHI?

... and more inline:

Duane Degler wrote:
 > If you spent 90 minutes with a large group of HCI researchers and
 > practitioners, what important Semantic Web challenges would you talk about?
 > What questions do you feel are most pressing or interesting for the
 > development of SW User Interaction?
 > We have that opportunity coming up, and would like your input on valuable
 > discussion topics.
 > - What particular problem are you wrestling with in your current work that
 > you see has a hook both to HCI and to the SW?

If the Semantic Web enables novel forms of interaction, what HCI
techniques apply well to their developement?  Do truly novel
interaction forms or, more dramatically, a "paradigm shift", resist
current HCI techniques?  Should SW researchers who feel they have a
truly novel interaction form ...

1) assume immunity to HCI concerns,
2) humbly rethink whether it is truly so novel or does indeed have
    hooks in established techniques, or
3) consider certain established HCI techiques that apply particularly
    well to new forms of interaction that require a personal learning
    curve or development of large-scale social collaboration.

In particular, how do the above questions apply to Web 2.0-like
forms of interaction?

 > - What kinds of HCI information/research do you feel you lack?

What the standards and expectations are for user-oriented techniques
and methods throughout the life-cycle of a SWUI research and/or
development project?

 > - What kinds of collaboration or communication would interest you?


 > - What are the priority issues and challenges for SWUI?


 > - What do you consider to be short-term, mid-term, or long-term topics?

Short:  Good task and goal analysis of current and currently emerging
Semantic Web interface tools and the interactive forms they enable.

Mid:  Models and common understanding of the emerging interactive
forms these tools enable us to understand so we can find patterns of
interaction in them from which we can define the next layer/generation
of interaction.

Long:  How best to monitor, guide and develop the amorphous mess that
collectively forms the emerging and evolving "Web 2.0".


 > In short, what would you like to discuss?
 > Also, what sort of examples would you show them to spark the conversation?
 > We are gathering thoughts and input over the next two weeks, to finish
 > preparing for a CHI interactive discussion session on May 3rd. Your input is
 > greatly appreciated!
 > Any outcomes and points from the session will be fed back to this list.
 > Many thanks,
 > Duane Degler
 > Scott Henninger
 > Lisa Battle
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