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ODLS 2017: 1st Call for Papers (Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences, Sep 22-23, Bolzano, Italy; part of JOWO 2017)

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                1st Call for Papers    >> ODLS 2017 <<

                 Submission deadline:   July 17, 2017



     Workshop on Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences (ODLS 2017)

       held as part of the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO 2017)

              September 22-23, 2017       Bolzano, Italy

Scope and Goals of the Workshop

Medicine, biology and life sciences produce hardly manageable and
comprehensible amounts of data, information, and knowledge. Their
computer-based retrieval, processing, integration, as well as their
conceptual foundation, application, and reuse presents ever new
challenges to existing methods of knowledge representation, data
bases, and data analysis and retrieval. In the life sciences, enormous
data sets are being produced in connection with biological and medical
experiments, e.g. by high-throughput methods, aiming to unravel
biological interconnections for a better understanding in order to
offer patients the best possible therapies. Data management and data
processing in the life sciences range from the best possible
integration and usage of distributed, heterogeneous data to the best
possible obfuscation of medical data.

This workshop covers the overall spectrum of biomedical information
management, from experimental data acquisition and preprocessing,
across analysis, structuring and interpretation of data, up to
developing structured representations of knowledge, in particular in
the form of ontologies, with their various applications. The aims of
this workshop are to exchange ideas, to discuss new results and
applications as well as to inspire cooperation. The workshop has an
interdisciplinary character. It fosters the collaboration between
ontologists, computer scientists, bio-informaticians, medical
information scientists, philosophers, and applied logicians, as well
as the cooperation with physicians, bio-chemists, and biometricians.
Scientists, professionals as well as students in academia and industry
are welcome to share their knowledge and experience at ODLS.

This year ODLS is part of the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO) [2],
which yields a stimulating environment of further thematically close
workshops, including joint sessions such as shared keynote talks,
thereby raising interdisciplinary exchange to a new level.


The following topics are all of equal relevance to the workshop, while
the list is not exhaustive. Submissions regarding other related or
similar topics are likewise welcome.

* Ontologies and ontological analysis in biology, medicine and
  clinical research, e.g.
  * Ontologies for biological or medical phenotypes
  * Ontologies for biochemistry, neuro-biology, ecology
  * Process ontologies in systems biology and medicine
  * Ontologies for the specification of clinical trial data
* Foundational ontologies (with indicated applications in life
  sciences), e.g. of time and space, properties, roles, functions,
  material objects
* Medical terminologies and their applications
* Linking ontologies to terminologies, models and data standards
* Methods and tools for the development, management and application
  of ontologies, e.g.
  * Ontology crossreferencing, mapping, integration and evolution
  * Quality assurance, best practices and evaluation of ontologies
  * Provenance, audit and evidence ontologies in life sciences
  * Ontology learning and refinement, e.g. by text mining
  * Ontology portals and libraries
* Integrative data semantics
* Semantic or ontology-based data annotation, enrichment, analysis
  and interpretation
* Data management methods and systems in biology, medicine and
  health care, e.g. for
  * Heterogeneity and integration of data, including of Linked Data
    and Big Data
  * Management, retrieval and sharing of big data and/or complex
    data sets
  * Curation, analysis and visualization of data in life sciences
  * Omics-data for diagnosis and therapy
  * Biomedical metadata and metadata management
  * Generic transformation of clinical data into Semantic Web standards
  * Data protection of clinical data
* Text mining and transformation of unstructured into structured data
* Use of biomedical ontologies in text mining
* Applications of biomedical ontologies in the Semantic Web, for
  Linked Open Data or Big Data
* Life sciences applications enabled by the Semantic Web or
  Linked Open Data

Important Dates

Submission of contributions:   July 17, 2017         (Mon)
Author notification:           September 01, 2017    (Fri)
Camera-ready versions due:     September 15, 2017    (Fri)
Registration:                    (TBA by JOWO)
ODLS Workshop:                 September 22-23, 2017 (Fri-Sat)

Please NOTE: The deadlines include no room for extensions. Especially,
the full amount of time available for preparing abstracts and papers is
specified from the beginning, rather than declaring earlier dates in
this call and granting an (initially unknown) deadline extension later.

Submission Instructions

Submissions to the workshop can be (i) extended abstracts of 2-5 pages
OR (ii) papers of 6-12 pages. Any such length is equally welcome,
including all references and a required abstract of at most 300 words.

Papers are expected to present previously unpublished work, whereas
extended abstracts may also cover recent work that has been accepted
or presented elsewhere.

Authors submit their contributions via EasyChair to JOWO 2017 [3],
selecting "Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences" as the relevant track.

[3] https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=jowo2017

Contributions must be delivered in English, non-anonymously and as a
single PDF file. The formatting for all workshops of JOWO 2017 shall
comply with the IOS Press formatting guidelines for book authors.
Templates [4] are available for LaTeX as well as Microsoft Word.

Accepted papers and extended abstracts will be made freely available
in a joint JOWO volume of CEUR Workshop Proceedings [5]. After the
workshop, authors of selected submissions will be invited to submit
revised and extended versions to a journal. Please see [1] for updates
on the specific journal.

Scientific Organization

ODLS 2017 is associated with the workgroup Ontologies in Medicine and
Life Sciences (OBML) [6] within the German Informatics Society (GI),
and it relates to the International Association for Ontology and its
Applications (IAOA) [7] by being part of JOWO 2017 [2].

Scientific Organizers:

* Martin Boeker,  University of Freiburg, Germany
* Heinrich Herre, University of Leipzig, Germany
* Ludger Jansen,  University of Rostock, Germany
* Frank Loebe,    University of Leipzig, Germany       <-- main contact
* Daniel Schober, Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry,
                  Halle(Saale), Germany

Program Committee

 TBA   (see [1] for updates)

Location and Local Organization

The workshop is part of JOWO 2017 [2], which is hosted by the

  Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy [8].

Local Chair:
* Oliver Kutz, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

[1] ODLS 2017 Workshop website


[2] JOWO 2017 website


[3] JOWO 2017 conference in EasyChair


[4] IOS Press templates for book authors


[5] CEUR Workshop Proceedings


[6] OBML workgroup website


[7] IAOA website


[8] Local organization website

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