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RDF / Linked Data at 2014 Healthcare Datapalooza - SUBMISSION DEADLINE FEB 28

From: David Booth <david@dbooth.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 11:21:38 -0500
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Are you planning to propose a presentation for the Healthcare 
Datapalooza conference again this year?  The submission deadline is Feb 
28, and I'm thinking that it might be beneficial to loosely coordinate 
among those of us who will be proposing RDF / Link Data / Semantic Web 
related themes.  Last year's program had several sessions on this theme:
It would be great to have even more this year.

I'll be proposing two sessions on "RDF as a Universal Healthcare 
Exchange Language", which could be merged into one if there isn't time 
for both:

  - A technical presentation about "RDF as a Universal Healthcare 
Exchange Language", explaining what it would mean and how it would work.

  - A panel discussion about "RDF as a Universal Healthcare Exchange 
Language", addressing the theme from a higher level, outlining 
perspectives on who is doing what, why they think RDF is the best 
available candidate for this role, and what's needed to make it happen.

Here is the submission information:

I am not an organizer of this event.  I am merely posting this as one 
who is keenly interested in pushing this interoperability effort forward.

BTW, the date of last year's Healthcare Datapaloooza unfortunately 
conflicted with the Semantic Technology conference, but thankfully that 
has been avoided this year.

David Booth
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