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Fwd: [CCC Blog] First Person: "Tracking Data About Your Body"

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CCC Blog has posted a new item, 'First Person: "Tracking Data About Your

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Last week, we blogged about Larry Smarr's efforts to quantify his own
Turns out Larry is speaking out today, in his own words, as part of a
profile on the front page of The San Diego Tribune: "Quantified health, to
means tracking data about your body -- as simple as weighing yourself on a
once a day to as complicated as wearing a device at night to measure every
seconds your sleep state...  "The reason you do this -- you modify your
behavior. And it's the same thing as you drive your car. You look at the
speedometer, and if it's a 60-mile-per-hour zone, you try to stay under 60.
"And so this idea of bio-feedback altering your behavior so that you can
get a
desired goal is why people quantify themselves..." Check out the full
video after the jump...

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