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Semantic Web in Ubiquitous Healthcare Workshop

From: Daniel Rubin <rubin@med.stanford.edu>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 13:32:49 -0700
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To: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org

>                           CALL FOR PAPERS
>       The ISWC Workshop on Semantic Web in Ubiquitous Healthcare
>                           (SemUbiCare)
>             http://fountain.ecs.soton.ac.uk/semUbiCare/
>   November 12, 2007, ISWC'07 + ASWC'07 Workshop Program, Busan, Korea
>Ubiquitous healthcare refers to an emerging paradigm that is gradually
>reshaping the old "patient-seeing-doctor" scenario into one in which
>health services and information (e.g. clinical advices and warning,
>patient status monitoring and feedback, etc.) become just "one-click" away.
>At the heart of this envisioned "anywhere and anytime" healthcare is
>empowering miniature computing devices with the ability to acquire and
>understand data in a real-time and distributed environment, identify and
>locate other devices to work together by forming an ad-hoc network, and
>communicate with end-users in a human friendly fashion. While the advance
>in technology has prepared us with essential hardware (e.g. sensors, HCI
>devices, etc.), we are facing unprecedented challenges that are posed by
>the vast amount of data and the distributed nature of the new approach
>towards healthcare.
>Aim and Scope
>The main focus of this workshop is on providing an overview of existing
>ubiquitous care platforms and elaborating on how semantic web technologies
>can impinge on such existing efforts. We would particularly like to invite
>developers and researchers of undergoing health/medical projects to share
>with us their experience and lessons learnt. The workshop topics include,
>but are not limited to:
>  * *Knowledge and EHR management in Ubiquitous Healthcare*
>        o Healthcare knowledge acquisition, representation and
>          visualisation
>        o Healthcare knowledge modelling, healthcare ontologies,
>          "lightweight" medical ontologies
>        o Use-based ontology segmentation
>        o EHR storage and semantic annotation
>        o Digitising clinical guidelines
>        o Knowledge sharing in healthcare organisations
>        o Data interoperability and integration
>  * *Multimedia and Ubiquitous Healthcare*
>        o Medical image/vedio clip annotation
>        o Medical data retrieval
>  * *Healthcare services*
>        o Workflow modelling in ubiquitous healthcare settings
>        o Healthcare interventions modelling
>        o Modelling decision making strategies
>        o Device and functionality discovery and composition
>        o Context modelling and context ontologies
>  * *Security, Dependability and Trust in Ubiquitous Healthcare*
>We are particularly soliciting short papers describing deployed systems
>in hospitals and clinical centres. Developers and Researchers who want to
>participate in discussion are strongly encouraged to submit position
>Please state clearly in the position paper your expertise, what particular
>problem you are interested, what solution you are looking for, and why
>the statement is expected to be relevant to both the workshop and the
>Programme Committee
>Olivier Bodenreider          National Library of Medicine, USA
>Srinandan Dasmahapatra       University of Southampton, UK
>John Fox                     Oxford University & Cancer Research UK, UK
>Horacio Gonzalez-Velez       University of Edinburgh, UK
>Warner ten Kate              Philips Research Lab, Eindhoven, Netherlands
>Paul Lewis                   University of Southampton, UK
>Mark Musen                   Stanford University, USA
>David Robertson              University of Edinburgh, UK
>Daniel L. Rubin              National Center for Biomedical Ontology, USA
>Nigel Shadbolt               University of Southampton, UK
>Irma Velazquez               EHT, WHO, Switzerland
>Takahira Yamaguchi           Keio University, Japan
>Important dates
>Paper submission:           5 August 2007
>Acceptance notification:    8 September 2007
>Camera-ready papers:        22 September 2007
>Workshop:                   12 November 2007
>Paper submission and publication
>Electronic submissions of technical papers, short system description
>papers and position papers will be accepted in MS Words, PDF. Selected
>papers will be invited to submit to a journal special issue. Please visit
>the main conference submission page for further information.
>Supported by
>EU HealthAgents Consortium
>MicroArt, Spain
>University of Southampton, UK
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