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Meeting record: HCLS 21 June

From: Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 12:44:31 -0400
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Note action item:

   [NEW] ACTION: ericN to organize a URI best practices call [recorded in


21 Jun 2007

   See also: [2]IRC log


          Don_Doherty, Vipul_Kashyap, Kei_Cheung, Jonathan_Rees, EricP,
          Olivier_Bodenreider, Tanya_Hongsermeier, Eric_Neumann,
          Helen_Chen, Helen, BillBug, Alan


          Eric Neumann



     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]roll
         2. [5]next call
         3. [6]meeting state
         4. [7]roll
         5. [8]meeting state
         6. [9]upcoming demos
         7. [10]hclsig draft charter
     * [11]Summary of Action Items

   too late, Tonya

   already did the dance

   <Tonya> invite zakim #hcls

   <Tonya> invite RRSAgent #hcls

   Tonya, i already did that stuff

   <jar286> FYI jar286 = Jonathan Rees (at Science Commons)


next call

   next meeting: 12 July, chair: Tonya

meeting state

   <Tonya> eric P can you scribe

   ericN: bioinformatics meeting in piza (SP?)
   ... hardcore bioinformatics group

   <Tonya> [12]http://www.nettab.org/

   <jar286> this agendum was Eric's email: "e) URI discussion with input
   from BioRDF discussion" but it's fine with me if it's dropped - we have
   too many things already

   ericN: folks didn't know where to start with RDF
   ... need to make more cookbook descriptions
   ... pubmed+ [society for neuroscience]

   <Tonya> greetings helen

   <helen> Hi, Tonya

   <jar286> ericP, that's society for neuroscience

   ericN: have not explicitly decided to use RDF
   ... last year had not heard of RDF
   ... this year, nearly every slide had RDF in it
   ... also presented at the CDC
   ... using RDF to do surveillance on diseases
   ... headed by Denise Richards
   ... invited them to participate (they are not members)
   ... will demonstrate inter-organization exchange to the EPA
   ... Drug Information Association meeting:

   <vipul> Case Study:

   <vipul> Name: Parsa Mirhaji

   ericN: four presentations from {??? ???. ???, and Robbert Von Manen:

   <vipul> welcome

   ericN: we are getting more big players interested in attending our


meeting state

   tonya: how will we prepare for ??? in austria

   matthias: going well. getting feedback on poster
   ... most involvement from people who participated in the abstract

   <jar286> ericP, ??? = ISMB (intelligent systems for molecular biology,
   big big conference)

   matthias: making good progress on the health care map

   ericN: we want to add better views before demo time
   ... views would have balance of text and images

   <jar286> I agree, we need a better name for Banff demo. Alan and I will
   work on this but suggestions welcome.

   ericN: i will work with jonathan and alan to get the specifics down

   matthias: not many people from this telecon will be there

   ericN: i expect 6 or 7 of us
   ... demo slot probably 1 hour
   ... expect ~40-80 people
   ... denis quan and i did one and got around 60 folks


   tonya: drug discovery meetings in august

   ericN: discussing with karen meyers
   ... my have luncheon
   ... so folks should contact ericN to get invitation

upcoming demos

hclsig draft charter

   ericN: how many would like another f2f before charter expiry in oct
   ... ?

   jar286: i would

   vipul: can we do it at the TP?

   kei: +1

   <Tonya> where is the TP?

   <jar286> JAR would be interested in attending f2f

   Don: neurscience plenary is around the same time

   ericN: should have a meeting near cleveland clinic
   ... tension between that and boston

   helen: current group has lots of informal f2fs
   ... for formal one, need justifying agenda

   ericN: goal is to finish up and discuss the deliverables from the AMS
   ... discuss which ones need to continue into new group
   ... task forces have delivered stuff on the wiki, but need to produce
   formal documents (W3C Notes)
   ... need to linearize the wiki content
   ... would like URI issue to be well-understood and documented for other

   <BillBug> Sorry I'm late

   <jar286> funny thing, i'm working on just such a document (for uris)

   <jar286> what's eric n talking about? a draft of what?

   <jar286> new working group charter maybe?

   jar286, charter

   <jar286> ok

   ericN: made a wiki from the notes taken in Banff
   ... jar286 has a more cleaned-up document

   jar286: am still getting the wiki organized
   ... trying 2nd approach
   ... first was to make my own set of documents, but didn't get much

   ericN: need to elevate this from BioRDF to the general HCLS group

   <BillBug> can someone please post the URL for JAR's URI docs on the



   BillBug: can we extend the wiki to accumlated requirements and
   ... want to track/address issues

   <jar286> eric n is asking who has been on the biordf call

   <jar286> eric n: the mailing list doesn't work

   alan: tell anyone you know who is interested to contact jar286

   ericN: agreed

   <Tonya> jar286 = Jonathan Rees

   ericN: do you expect consensus/resolution within the next 6 months?

   <jar286> ok... wiki doesn't work, so send email. email doesn't work, so
   join the telecon. hmm.

   PROPOSED: Jonathan Rees is the editor of the URIs best practices
   document. All parties with issues with that document should contact


   <jar286> for me to do: move some info from work plan timeline to main
   page for project

   <jar286> alan: hard to get things done over summer, so earlier target
   than sep 20 not realistic

   <jar286> sep 30

   let's got for last workday: friday 28 Sept

   alanr: folks should not be looking at uniprot; that's not hcls output.
   they should look at the URIs best practices document

   ericN: do we want to treat email-only proposals with the same weight as
   those who attend the calls?

   alanr: issue is whether they take the time to defend/clarify their
   points in some forum

   <jar286> ericN is here with me

   <alanr> eric=mom

   <scribe> ACTION: ericN to organize a URI best practices call [recorded
   in [16]http://www.w3.org/2007/06/21-hcls-irc]

   BillBug: most NUH-funded neurinformatics projects need to be
   incorporated (into ???)
   ... NIH blueprint cite has a list of resources

   <jar286> billbug, i thought biordf group was working on data source
   modeling & conversion? topic was discussed last monday i think.

   BillBug: if we can provide SPARQL enpoints for a couple of these
   resources, we'll [set a compelling example]

   <BillBug> blueprint main page:

   <jar286> alanr and i are requesting help with banff demo server log
   file analysis


   aha, i was talking to the wrong bot

   <Tonya> is there a study guide to using Zakim?

   <BillBug> NIH blueprint resources:






   <BillBug> The idea here is of these resources - those that are rich
   data repositories would though metadata that could provide a URL upon
   resolving a SPARQL query that leads to the relevant data should be
   given priority.



   <BillBug> sorry - typo - "...rich data repositories with thorough

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: ericN to organize a URI best practices call [recorded in

   [End of minutes]

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