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Job opportunities at Ingenuity

From: Alan Ruttenberg <alanruttenberg@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 02:24:22 -0400
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I'm sending this out because I think it might be of interest to some  
of you out there, and because I think very highly of Ingenuity's work  
- I worked with their knowledge base for several years and enjoyed  
working with the people there. Please respond directly to Ramon:  
felciano at yahoo dot com, or feel free to send me a note if you want  
to ask me anything about this (though I don't know much more about  
the specifics than the announcement).

Ingenuity's site is: http://ingenuity.com/


(if you feel this is an inappropriate post to the list, please  
contact me directly so I can know for next time)



Ingenuity is growing again, and we're pushing into some cool new  
technology and product directions for life sciences and health. Itís  
a really exciting time and opportunity for us, and I'm looking to  
hire a couple of key technical R&D folks to help launch and drive  
these new initiatives. I thought you might know someone who would be  
interested in helping us on this front.

I've got 4 positions I'm looking for right now, with a few more to  
come later this year. Rather than fill your mailbox a ton of job  
description noise, I thought Iíd just summarize the positions with a  
few keywords that will let you know the kind of stuff weíre looking  
at at. There's a link below to our jobs page that has all the  
details. Iíve appended a short intro to Ingenuity to this email in  
case you forward it to anyone not familiar with us.

Please take a look and forward this job on to anyone you think would  
be interested in one of these positions, or anyone else who could  
help me find a great candidate. Iím looking for full time but would  
definitely consider part-time or contract work if I found the right  
person. Thanks for your help!


Company: Ingenuity
Job Title: Search, NLP, Information Architecture, WebDev...
Modern search and indexing techniques, semantic web technologies and  
standards, use of taxonomies / ontologies to make smart search  
decisions, AI and IR algorithms, etc

Information extraction, text mining e.g. TREC / BioCreative, Question- 
Answering, ontology learning, etc

User research health and life sciences, task analysis for search and  
information seeking behaviors, IA design and InfoViz for life  
sciences and health domains (complex information space), etc

Modern web stack and rich UIs (AJAX or other), Java and/or LAMP/RoR  
talking to Java servers, web app scalability across all tiers, etc

The full details are at http://www.ingenuity.com/company/careers.html  
(look at the
Research & Development postings).

Ingenuity is a group of creative, energetic people helping life  
science researchers understand the biological mechanisms that cause  
human disease. Ingenuityís industry-leading technology platform was  
built by our team of interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial researchers,  
scientists and engineers that are passionate about improving human  
health through the intelligent use of semantic technologies. We have  
used this technology to develop the industry-leading analytic  
platform for pathway analysis and systems biology research, and are  
now expanding to develop new solutions for the life sciences and  
healthcare markets. We are passionate about our users, our products,  
our technology, and our vision, and are looking for intelligent,  
talented and entrepreneurial developers who are eager to join our  
world-class team.
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