BioRDF Meeting Record 23 July 2007

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23 Jul 2007

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     * [3]Topics
     * [4]Summary of Action Items

Jonathan Status

   jr: thinking about Reference and meaning and how it relates to the web
   ... lot more confusing then he thought a week ago
   ... prefers to not give out draft at the moment.
   ... would prefer to work one on one with a series of people rather than
   in a group

   ss: would it make sense to have another informal f2f?

   jr: some time in the fall when he has something that makes sense to at
   least 3 people. don't schedule now

   ss: when to target date for note?

   jr: need to get it right

   ss: end of october?

   jr: Have at least one draft of the thing approved by some time in

   ss: target end of september for "fairly finished"?

   jr: Will be circulating drafts during sept
   ... hedges on end of september date. hopeful but.

   ss: anything we can do to help?

   jr: not as a group - will find series of individuals (stakeholders?)
   run them through the whole thing. Meaning, definitions, access and get
   ... Entry into the select few requires commitment to 3-4 hours. jr will
   keep group abreast of who he is talking to.
   ... question: open access issue. May be published as SC white paper
   that W3C can use.



   ep: where does w3 differ from open access?

   jar: copyright notice at top of pages

   jr: have to pay attention to the cache headers

   ep: MIT license for software. For documents.... EP will investigate

   action+ ericp will look into open access licensing vs. current w3

   ep: hash/slash content-neg meeting setup?

   <jar286> where are your notes?

   ep: has added clarification of hash/slash to bottom of ______

   <jar286> maybe it's

   see Differentiating Between Web Resources and What They Describe

   alan notes that 303 doesn't say this is a non-document, it says it
   might not be a document.

   <jar286> issues with 303 and # are numerous, e.g. how to get metadata
   for a document, predictability

   <jar286> follow your nose doesn't work for HCLS, I believe.

   action+ eric will meet with jonathan to talk about his discussions

   end of agenda 1

   jb: log analysis


   don: setting up demo replicate

   alan corresponding with instructions

   I suggest putting it out as it is created...

   ss: put on wiki?


   don: sfn poster lead

   put the instructions for the demo here:

   ss: 1st monday in september for update on main panels for the sfn

   don: concurs
   ... poster date nov 7. Final version end of october.

   wright state ready to install. Deri has machine but is not set up yet.

   alan will try to do wright state this week.

   ss: will ask around lilly for interest in drugdb

   alan coming up: Jax visit, ABI visit, RGD for biocuration meeting.

   charter extended:

   vipul announces new collab - implications for demo?

   <jar286> ha. I think it just means I won't be fired this month for
   neglecting real work.

   ss: What else can we do to extend demo?

   means that I have a work partner again :)

   ss: suggests sending out an email soliciting ideas for additions to the

   all concur

   we are happy that the call lasted only 40 minutes.

   bye everyone

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]
     * action+ ericp will look into open access licensing vs. current w3
     * action+ eric will meet with jonathan to talk about his discussions

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