hcls1.csail.mit.edu & hcls2.csail.mit.edu webserver log data summary

Per the conversation during the July 9 Telecon:
attached is a summary of query accesses to the demo from the webserver logs 
of hcls1.csail.mit.edu:8890 and hcls2.csail.mit.edu:8890. The dates in the 
webserver logs used to generate the data cover the period May 31, 2007 thru 
June 8, 2007.

The columns are:

1. Organization:  the Organization who (presumably) owns the Domain Name 
from which the access came. The term "ISP" refers to some Internet Service 
Provider who can usually be identified from the Domain Name. The term "ISP?" 
means it looked like an ISP. The "????" means that the Organization and/or 
Domain Name couldn't be determined.
2. Doman Name:  the Domain name of the host from which the access occurred.
3. IP Address:  the IP address of the host from which the access occurred.
4. Number of Queries:  the number of both POST and GET queries to the demo 
from that IP Address. There were a total of 883 queries (247 POST and 636 

It is interesting that there are 56 instances of exactly 2 queries from a 
host, the most except for 0 queries. This is likely due to the fact that 
people were trying the Google Maps/Allen Brain  Institute/SPARQL mashup 
whose published example link 
(http://hcls1.csail.mit.edu:8890/map/#Kcnip3@2850,Kcnd1@2800)  generated two 


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