Re: protein entities (was Re: Rules (was Re: Ambiguous names. was: Re: URL +1, LSID -1)

Michel_Dumontier wrote:
> Darren,
>> Also, while we recognize
>> that there are different qualities that can be ascribed to a basically
>> identical biochemical entity in different structural conformations or
>> states of ligand binding, we are not attempting (at least in the
>> beginning) to describe these structural conformations or bound vs
>> unbound forms.
> Indeed, while conformation is an important quality of molecular
> structure, it does not fundamentally change the nature of the molecule.
> i.e. a protein in a bound or unbound state should still be considered
> the same protein. 

what about denaturation?  is the nature (what nature, by the way?) of a 
protein not fundamentally different in its native vs. denaturated state?


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