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>>>>> "MK" == Marijke Keet <> writes:

  MK> Lack of sufficient knowledge about a particular (biological) entity is
  MK> a sideshow, not an argument, to the issue of distinguishing real proteins from
  MK> their records.

I agree. The argument is that it's very hard to describe what you mean by a
"protein". We almost certainly don't mean a protein molecule. We might mean a type of
protein. But then we don't know whether two protein molecule are actually of a given

My questions are how often do we want to refer to a protein, rather than a record
about a protein? And who is responsible for ascribing a ID to a specific type of
protein. In practice, in bioinformatics, the answer to this is a) we don't and b)

So, while distinguishing between a uniprot record and a protein seems like a good
idea, I'm not convinced it brings you anything. What are you going to do with your
protein ID? 


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