Re: 303 +1, WSDL -1

> This can be done now, with effort analogous to what is being done with 
> LSIDS. Let me point out some obvious advantages: 1) No requirement to 
> use web services (though web services *could* be described as ways of 
> accessing further statements using this scheme) 2) Requires *less* 
> manual intervention than is currently required to maintain the WSDL. 
> 3) Re-uses purl, which is based on HTTP, which everyone knows how to 
> use already 4) Makes clear that the description of these additional 
> resources for statements are to be in RDF, and requires that one 
> advertises what to expect if you go to the resource (will you get an 
> RDF document, a SPARQL endpoint, a Web service set of methods?)
and the disadvantages?  Lets not forget some basic rigour here. Other 
than rebuilding everything from scratch. Again.


Received on Sunday, 15 July 2007 10:58:51 UTC