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As an observer completely ignorant of the HCLS domain but convinced of
the value of (http-) Linked Data I'd like to applaud this move. Some
references relevant to that conviction:

Tim Berners-Lee on Linked Data:

WebArch (Best Practices from W3C TAG, including material on content

Online Semantic Web browsers which I believe support 303 redirection:



OpenLink Browser

Online systems with RDF crawlers I believe support 303s:



(Most of the RDF toolkits have support)

Additionally, with the W3C Semantic Web Education and Outreach group's
LinkingOpenData project rapidly assimilating (well, linking) diverse
data sources, the ability to uniformly navigate and explore across a
(Semantic) Web of Data is becoming a reality, and serendipitous
discovery of new relations across heterogenous data becoming a
distinct possibility.

As Chimezie suggested, GRDDL (and RDFa) do offer a promising approach
for avoiding the overhead of using separate HTML & RDF documents with
conneg. While the spec work is well advanced, until finalised the best
references are likely to be the working drafts on the WG's home page:



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