Re: URL +1, LSID -1

On 7/10/07, Michel_Dumontier <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, this again demonstrates the problem in which the
> identifier for a biological entity - say mitochondrial Aspartate
> aminotransferase resolves to a nicely formatted HTML page. What if I
> have a semantic web application in which I would like to retrieve more
> information about this resource? Since the document is not an RDF
> document with machine understandable statements about it, it seems that
> my application wouldn't be able to learn anything more about

A document CAN be both an RDF document and a "nice" HTML document. One
method for doing this is XML stylesheets (e.g. ). Another method is
RDFa (  A third is the use of
meta links in the HTML header (I am not very familiar with this - and
I know it is very limited - so don't shoot me for mentioning it).

Yes, RDFa is not well deployed, but in my opinion it is such a good
idea that it will be deployed. Most browsers are able to ignore the
RDF, and some RDF consumers such as Jena already understand it.


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