Re: clinical trial instance data

Dear Frank,

My research group at Stanford has been working on an OWL ontology for 
clinical trial management, called Epoch.  The instance data in the 
ontology is for the specification of a 'dummy' clinical trial, based on 
our work with the Immune Tolerance Network.

You can find the ontology (in an OWL and Protege format) at this webpage:

The Epoch project page is down briefly while we are renovating our new 
center's website, but you will find a link to our papers describing the 
ontology and its use.


Frank Manola wrote:

> Could someone point me to the instance data for a clinical trial  
> described using some clinical trial ontology (an OWL ontology would  
> be preferred but I could live with another language)?  I'm looking  
> into describing a specific clinical trial and it would help to have  
> an example to start with.  Thanks for any help.
> --Frank

Received on Wednesday, 11 July 2007 06:17:23 UTC