Re: URL +1, LSID -1

Alan Ruttenberg wrote:
> Perhaps Eric would be so kind as to create 
> to link directly to the RDF 
> document.
> In addition, there is a LINK REL mechanism to link the HTML version to RDF.
> If Eric was in a particularly good mood, maybe he would consider moving 
> to
> if these URLs always return 
> html documents.

The thing is Eric has already got URLs crawling out of his ears... What's 
the benefit for him to have another PURL for each specific representation 
of, when he already has,,, etc?

> If he's in an even better mood, perhaps he would even consider 
> creating to denote the 
> record, without commitment to format, and arrange to have 303 responses 
> as we have started to do with the HCLS demo.

Are there any standards/tools that know what to do with 303 responses?

Received on Tuesday, 10 July 2007 18:23:04 UTC