RE: clinical trial instance data


Please look at the associated links at It contains links to some examples of CT instance data that were generated. As you'll also see, it does not use any CT ontology per se (though it clearly can accommdate them), since we are first concerned in getting thet instance data ala SDTM converted into RDF. The next step is to properly use the necessary ontologies, rather than the other way around... 

This also helps us get a sense of how far along CTO's are for rela world CT data representation.


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Subject: clinical trial instance data

Could someone point me to the instance data for a clinical trial  
described using some clinical trial ontology (an OWL ontology would  
be preferred but I could live with another language)?  I'm looking  
into describing a specific clinical trial and it would help to have  
an example to start with.  Thanks for any help.


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