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BioRDF meeting record 2007-12-03

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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 20:54:15 -0500
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   [NEW] ACTION: Deadline to Introduction...end of this week.
   [NEW] ACTION: Jonathan read the section on identifiers.
   [NEW] ACTION: Scott to send note format and tips to Matthias
   [NEW] ACTION: Scott to try to have doc done in two weeks.
   [NEW] ACTION: Susie, write Introduction for HCLS KB Note.


3 Dec 2007

   see also [2]irc log.


          Don_Doherty, SusieS, Jonathan_Rees, Scott_Marshall, Kei_Cheung,





     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]URI Note
         2. [5]SenseLab/KB
         3. [6]Lilly Experiment Ontology
         4. [7]Other Business
         5. [8]RRSAgent Tips and Tricks
     * [9]Summary of Action Items

   <scribe> scribe: Don

   <Susie> Pfizer SWEO use case:

URI Note

   Jonathan_Rees: Haven't updated the URI note lately

   Susie: Are you getting close to publishing URI note
   ... as a working draft?

   Jonathan: I'm a couple weeks from that.


     * [11]HCLS Knowledge Base Documentation
     * [12]knowledge base sources and terms
     * [13]Common Naming

   Susie: How is progress with the SenseLab conversion?

   Scott: Can send Matthias document ericP helped with

   ACTION: Scott to send note format and tips to Matthias

   Matthias_Samwald: Want general document structure...
   ... What should and shouldn't be there.

   M_Scott_Marshall: I'll be taking a good look at the structure.

   Susie_Stephens: Scott, do you have the URL for the doc handy?

   Susie_Stephens: Areas I think would be good to include...
   ... Why did we decide to do this?
   ... What are the advantages of SW over other architectures?
   ... Highlight a list of data sources.

   M_Scott_Marshall: There is a subsection of [14]incorporated databases.

   Susie_Stephens: High-level methodology used for kb.

   M_Scott_Marshall: Would be nice to have done by Dec. 20th

   ACTION: Scott to try to have doc done in two weeks.

   Susie_Stephens: We're talking about the note on the HCLS KB.
   ... What does finished mean?

   ericP: We need a version of it before the end of the charter.
   ... It's easy to update.

   Susie_Stephens: Scott, are there section you may assign to other

   M_Scott_Marshall: Great idea. Susie on the introduction.

   ACTION: Susie, write Introduction for HCLS KB Note.

   ACTION: Deadline to Introduction...end of this week.

   M_Scott_Marshall: Need to decide what issues are describe in how much

   Susie_Stephens: Maybe Jonathan can read the section on identifiers.

   Jonathan_Rees: Yes, I can do that.

   ACTION: Jonathan to read the section on identifiers.

   M_Scott_Marshall: We can refer to Jonathan's document.

   Susie_Stephens: There's not much on URIs in HCLS KB note. Should Alan
   or Jonathan take that on?

   M_Scott_Marshall: I'll give it a try Jonathan and let me know if that
   wording is right.

   Jonathan_Rees: Okay. Good.

   M_Scott_Marshall: I'd like to talk with Matthias about some of the
   things he brought up on improvements to the knowlege base.
   ... Perhaps we can work those into the notes.

   Susie_Stephens: Eric...Matthias wasn't sure what about the SenseLab
   conversion should be covered in the note.

   ericP: Notes have a consistent template over which you can do what you
   ... I can help coordinating notes.
   ... Matthias, where is your working doc?

   Matthias_Samwald: It's on the Wiki.

Lilly Experiment Ontology

     * [15]Lilly Experiment Ontology
     * [16]OBI OWL ont

   Susie_Stephens: That covers the majority I wanted to cover. The new
   last minute item is Lilly's ontology.
   ... We'd like feedback from the community, which we've already
   ... Liily very much wants to work with the community on the ontology.
   ... Would it make sense to talk about coordinating ontologies?

   Kei: Do you have any specific type experiment you have in mind?

   Susie_Stephens: At the moment, it's a high-level ontology about
   instrumentation and methodology
   ... Does not go into experiement details.

   M_Scott_Marshall: I'm impressed. This is the kind of sharing we're
   looking for from the pharma community.

   Susie_Stephens: Feedback on the ontology is flowing.
   ... I viewed the Lilly ontology using Protege

   <Susie> I couldn't download OBI from

   <ericP> [18]OBI OWL ont appears valid

   /OBI.owl works for me (in Protege 4)

   M_Scott_Marshall: Jambalaya is a usefull Protege plug-in

   Susie_Stephens: We're working on developing other ontologies. We want
   to make sure we're...
   ... working with the community and aligning efforts.

Other Business

   Susie_Stephens: We've put the call out for the HCLS workshop at the
   ... Anyone want to mention anything else?

   M_Scott_Marshall: The European SW conference coming up.

   Susie_Stephens: Alan has people working with him on this.
   ... ericP is working on a paper.

RRSAgent Tips and Tricks

   <ericP> EricP: this way you usally quote people is this "..."

   <ericP> ... if they continue, you can prefix with elipsises

   <ericP> Don: use Zakim's name?

   <ericP> ericP: you can use whatever name you want

   <ericP> [20]OBI OWL ont

   <ericP> scribenick ericP

   <jar> looks like rrsagent isn't on the chat

   <ericP> /invite Zakim #BioRDF

   <ericP> /invite RRSAgent #BioRDF

   <ericP> [call]

   <ericP> scribenick ericP

   <matthiassamwald> my document is currently at

   <mscottm> cvs -d mmarshal@dev.w3.org:/w3ccvs co

   <matthiassamwald> matthiassamwald

   <ericP> msamwald

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: Deadline to Introduction...end of this week.
   [NEW] ACTION: Jonathan read the section on identifiers.
   [NEW] ACTION: Scott to send note format and tips to Matthias
   [NEW] ACTION: Scott to try to have doc done in two weeks.
   [NEW] ACTION: Susie, write Introduction for HCLS KB Note.

   [End of minutes]

    Minutes formatted by David Booth's [22]scribe.perl version 1.128
    ([23]CVS log)
    $Date: 2007/12/04 01:49:36 $


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