Re: ontology specs for self-publishing experiment

Hi Trish,

What was the specifics of the argument for alphanumeric versus numeric 

If you check out the go-format list I recently sent some examples that 
use identifiers of the form

Details are in

BTW, all of them are alphanumeric in the sense that they are URIs. But 
a little care needs to be taken because of  qnames, etc. used in xml. 
Nothing that can't be worked around in a reasonable manner.


On Jul 10, 2006, at 12:23 PM, Trish Whetzel wrote:

> As one note, I wanted to mention that it seems as though alphanumeric 
> versus solely numeric identifiers would be preferred based on viewing 
> preliminary work by Chris Mungall in efforts to translate OBO format 
> ontologies to OWL.
> Trish

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