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RE: Upcoming NIH NCBC All-Hands Meeting (Monday 7/17 - 7/19)

From: Skinner, Karen \(NIH/NIDA\) [E] <kskinner@nida.nih.gov>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 08:31:27 -0400
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To: "William Bug" <William.Bug@DrexelMed.edu>, "Mark Musen" <musen@stanford.edu>
Cc: "w3c semweb hcls" <public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org>, "Lyster, Peter \(NIH/NIGMS\) [E]" <lysterpe@nigms.nih.gov>

Thank you, Bill for sharing information about the 2006 Alll Hands Meeting for the NIH Roadmap National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBCs) and the activities and the interests of the NCBCs.
And thank you, Mark, for underscoring the Wednesday, July 19 Dissemination Events as an opportunity specifically designed  for others to learn about the activities, tools  and interests of each of the various seven National Centers.  
We invite you to review the Dissemination Event offerings and share information about them with your colleagues.
These Dissemination Events will be occurring concurrently on July 19 and take a variety of forms, from workshops to teaching sessions to roundtable discussions, depending upon the Center holding the event.  Bill has very kindly provided you with relevant URL's, but -- just to reinforce his message -- you can find a web site for each of the seven Center's  Dissemination Events by following the "MORE INFORMATION" links at this URL: http://www.bisti.nih.gov/ahm2006/Dissemination%20Events.htm. 
At the website for each Dissemination Event, you will find an email link to contact that event's  organizers. We are strongly encouraging attendees to contact, via email, the organizers of the dissemination event(s) which interest them. In that way, the presenters and organizers for each event can maintain their own attendee list, wiill be more aware of the nature and interests of their audience, and can track seating availability for each event. 
 A flyer is also available here <http://www.bisti.nih.gov/ahm2006/Images/NCBC_Dissemination_Event_flyer_v1.pdf> , which you may wish to print and post at your organization, and share with other colleagues. 
Thus far, ample  room should still be available for attendance at these July 19 events, since they are each being held in individual rooms. As Dr. Musen indicated, it is only the general plenary events on July 17 and 18 in Lister HIll Auditorium which likely will have reached capacity by the time you read this. 
If you have questions, or need assistance in making email contact with regard to a Dissemination Event, please feel free to contact me or Dr. Peter Lyster who is copied on this email. Dr.Lyster is also the NIH lead on the NCBC Software and Data Integration Efforts, should you have particular comments or questions about the NCBC Working Groups or related activities. 

Karen Skinner, Ph.D. 
National Institute on Drug Abuse 

6001 Executive Boulevard 
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-9651 




From: William Bug [mailto:William.Bug@DrexelMed.edu] 
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2006 3:43 PM
To: Mark Musen
Cc: w3c semweb hcls
Subject: Re: Upcoming NIH NCBC All-Hands Meeting (Monday 7/17 - 7/19)

Many thanks for the clarification, Mark. 

I expected this was the case, but I couldn't find any direct mention of that restriction stated anywhere on the web site, and I looked pretty hard for it.

By the way, I included a link to the public registrants so folks interested in learning more about what of relevance to this Interest Group takes place during days 1 & 2 would know whom to contact.

Would it be possible for you, Daniel, or someone else from NCBO to report back relevant info - or links to relevant write-ups - to this list for the benefit of those unable to attend on 7/19.

Some of the issues that appear up for discussion at this meeting have also been under discussion on this list and on the HCLSIG sub-group Tcons.  This info may be of particular relevance to the formal proposals and demo apps being worked on here.


On Jul 3, 2006, at 9:52 AM, Mark Musen wrote:

	On Jul 2, 2006, at 11:34 PM, William Bug wrote:

		Since this is an All-Hands Meeting designed to foster communication and interactions amongst members of these NCBCs, it may in fact be the case the meeting itself is not open to the general public beyond the final day (7/19), where all 7 NCBCs will give simultaneous "dissemination" presentations [http://www.bisti.nih.gov/ahm2006/Dissemination%20Events.htm].


	The NCBC "all hands meeting" is not open to the public on Monday and Tuesday, mainly because of space concerns.  However, the events on Wednesday, July 19, are specifically intended for public consumption and may provide a good window on the activities of the various centers.


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