Re: HCLSig July 6 Teleconference Agenda

To prime for tomorrow's HCLS conference call, I'd like to briefly list the
objectives, use cases and requirements for the scientific publishing task.
Hope there will be a real debate on them.


1. To develop a general-purpose ontology for self-publishing single
experiment in RDF format
2. Current focus: data sharing and discovery on the web by all researchers

Main use cases:

1. Any researcher can publish experiment data as single unit of experiment
in RDF.

2. New web publishing tools can be developed to support the ontology.

3. New search engines can be developed to aggregate all of the published
experiment information.

4. Anyone can use the new search engines to find all experiments available
on the web.


1. General terms to be used in all research areas (not just bio and med)

2. Proposed classes:








On 7/5/06, Eric Neumann <> wrote:
> Planned July 6 HCLSig Teleconference Agenda:
> Time: 11:00 am EDT July 6, 2006 in America/New York for a duration of 1
> hour
> Phone: tel:+1-617-761-6200 (Zakim) conference #4257 (HCLS)
> irc://
> Chairs: Eric Neumann, Tonya Hongsermeier
> Agenda:
> a) Convene, take roll, review record
> b) Propose next HCLS call July, 20, 2006, nominate a scribe
> c) Introductions - New participants since last call
> d) Discussion on Scientific Publishing of Experiments - AJ Chen
> - see:
> e) BioRDF Update
> - Next steps for life science URI's
> - see Sean Martin's post:
>   - also on wiki discussion:
> f) F2F planning: Target date: Oct 3, 2006
> g) ISWC HCLS Workshop: Task Force contributions
> Eric Neumann, Tonya Hongsermeier, co-chairs, W3C Healthcare and Life
> Sciences

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