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Re: IRC tutorial - can only be accessed by members

From: Pat Hayes <phayes@ihmc.us>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 13:55:06 -0600
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To: Marja Koivunen <marja@annotea.org>
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>Just that you know: I cannot access the tutorial and there may be others too.

The part that Ralph was pointing at was this:

Team IRC Conventions

Addressing and referring to people by name
     In W3C we frequently use IRC for taking real-time meeting minutes 
(the "scribe" role). In this use it is necessary to be able to 
clearly attribute remarks to someone other than the IRC nick who 
typed the message. We use the convention "Name: remark" to indicate 
that 'Name' said (or was heard to have said) 'remark'. Then, to 
address a message (e.g. a question or an answer) to someone we use 
"Name, please clarify". Note that some IRC clients have an 
auto-completion feature that finishes a nick when you start to type 
it. The default setting for many auto-completers is to end the nick 
with a ':'. This is usually the wrong thing for W3C channels. A 
command such as "/set completion_char ," may make your IRC client 
follow W3C conventions more often.

Out of band or off the record comments
     W3C house style is to use "action" messages to denote out-of-band 
or off-the-record comments. Most irc clients have a command called 
"/me" that generates this type of message. Clients generally display 
these messages in a different style from normal messages; typically 
an asterisk ('*') at the start of the line and no punctuation around 
the irc nick; for example, the irc command "/me waves" might result 
in the discussion window showing the text " * Ralph waves". To 
reinforce the intent that such messages be side comments, the 
RRSAgent logging tool excludes these messages from the Web log.

     When irc is used to keep meeting minutes it is important to 
distinguish what was actually said in the meeting from side 
conversations that were not heard by all (i.e., on a teleconference). 
Ralph encourages the use of square brackets around messages that are 
intended to be side comments for the log; e.g. "[Ralph agrees]".


Ralph and other W3C guys, forgive me if I just committed a breach of 
the something-or-other, but none of this seemed particularly secret.

There is a lot more stuff that gets used by the chair and scribe to 
drive the various W3C IRC bots, but mostly these should be ignored by 
mere WG members.

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