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[presentation-api] new commits pushed by mfoltzgoogle

From: Mark Foltz via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 16:28:06 +0000
To: public-secondscreen@w3.org
Message-ID: <push-d8156f7e43bfbbb34a539aa56bc32e437f409d2e-1442248085-sysbot+gh@w3.org>

The following commits were just pushed by mfoltzgoogle to 

* Reorder start steps to create session only when needed

As things stood, the steps to "start a presentation session" required 
the UA
to create a valid presentation session identifier before creating the 
task C
to navigate the receiving browser context.

However, the presentation session identifier will only be added to the
 set of
presentations when C completes. If the user calls "start" again in the
meantime, a UA that would generate the same valid presentation session
identifier for the second presentation session would correctly follow 
steps (that identifier would not yet be in the set of presentations), 
but this
would create two PresentationSession with the same identifier.

Also, the new PresentationSession S is actually not needed until C 

This commit moves the creation of the presentation session identifier 
and of
the presentation session itself to the steps that run when C completes
  by Fran├žois Daoust

* Merge pull request #192 from tidoust/start-identifier

Reorder start steps to create session only when needed
  by Mark Foltz
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