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[presentation-api] Browser initiated presentations from within nested browsing contexts

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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 08:35:01 +0000
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== Browser initiated presentations from within nested browsing 
contexts ==
[Carved out into its own issue from 

@mfoltzgoogle says:

@avayvod  In Chrome have been discussing how browser-initiated
presentation interacts with multiple &lt;iframe&gt;s embedded in the
controlling page.  For now, we are only enabling browser-initiated
presentation from the default presentation URL set in the top level
document.  However, there is a use case for allowing it from an
embedded &lt;iframe&gt; for sites using a third party player to show a
single piece of video (or other) content.

We have discussed possible solutions, including:

1. Having the &lt;iframe&gt; pass a URL to the parent document to set 
as the
 default presentation URL.  The problem here is that the
browser-initiated presentation session would go to the parent
document, not the &lt;iframe&gt; that has the presentation control 
logic for
 the video player.

2. Picking an &lt;iframe&gt; DPU if none is set at in the parent.  
This may
lead to surprising behavior for the user, since the user is expecting
to present content related to the parent document, which cannot
directly control the behavior of the &lt;iframe&gt;.

3. Allowing the user to choose from a list of default presentation
URLs in the document.  This complicates the UX for starting a
presentation and it will be difficult for the user to make a
meaningful choice (who provides the URL is an implementation detail of
 the webapp).

Instead we are considering adding a capability to the &lt;iframe&gt;'s
sandbox attribute, "allow-default-presentation", that would allow the
parent page to designate up to one iframe per document as the source
of the default presentation URL for browser initiated presentation.
This attribute would be respected only for &lt;iframes&gt; one level 

See https://github.com/w3c/presentation-api/issues/79
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