[sdw] Implementation of SWRL Rules for Time Ontology (#1434)

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== Implementation of SWRL Rules for Time Ontology ==
I haven't used Github much so I'm not sure if this is really an issue. I just wanted people to know that I've built some SWRL rules to automate the reasoning in the Time Ontology. I also created some sample instants and intervals (based on US military history, that was the quickest way I could think of some examples of  events that overlapped, contained, etc.) I'll probably write a short paper on this at some point. I've also added SWRL rules to automate the Temporal Reasoning in the Basic Formal Ontology and once I had done it for BFO it was trivial to copy/paste the test data and rules into the Time ontology. The resulting ontology can be found here: [DeBellis Github Time Ontology With SWRL](https://github.com/mdebellis/Time-Ontology-With-SWRL-Rules/blob/main/README.md ) If you have questions or comments please email me at: mdebellissf@gmail.com 

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