Re: [sdw] Review of WebVMT Draft Note (#1397)

1. @rjksmith I suggest that you may want to add the note along the lines of:
`The Second component cannot be 60 or 61; leap seconds cannot be represented.` for the seconds. There is a note to that effect in the HTML valid global time web page.
I think this would apply to both the media start time and the cue offsets.
I am sure someone, somewhere, will record, or already have recorded, across a leap second or two introduction. Maybe a one or two second discrepancy is acceptable, but at least be explicit about it.

2. Maybe also a note to the effect that only clocks that are stationary w.r.t. to each other can be exactly synchronized. If they are moving w.r.t.each other, accuracy of synchronisation depends on the relative speeds, distances and the number of iterations of the synchronisation messages. (This is not a relativistic thing, it was a railway issue more than a century ago, finally sorted by Poincaré.)

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