Re: [sdw] Analysis of Gaps in current practice (#1259)

From my gap analysis above: 

> [13.3]( identifies a gap in standardized dataset and service descriptions for data portals. It mentions the OGC working on such a standard, but to my knowledge no such work is progressing at the moment. Maybe we were thinking of GeoDCAT-AP, a European standard; there were plans for picking that up within OGC but I think it has stalled.

> Meanwhile, there is a new version of GeoDCAT-AP based on DCAT 2.0. Even though it is not a worldwide standard, we might say, well there is a good practice we see in the wild in Europe, let's promote this to a BP. That's one way forward.

> We also know DCAT 2.0 on its own is already better equiped for describing geospatial datasets and for describing data services. We're already feeding that into the BP thanks to Andrea.

> The question is, is DCAT 2.0 enough or do we consider there to be a gap until something like GeoDCAT-AP is established in practice.

I'm hoping for input from @andrea-perego and anyone else that has in-depth knowledge about these metadata standards!
- Does anyone happen to know if there is still work going on within OGC to standardise GeoDCAT-AP? I haven't seen this progress and am guessing the work may have stalled? In that case I will not mention such work anymore in the BP update.
- Do we want to recommend DCAT 2.0 + GeoDCAT-AP as best practice, based on implementation in Europe? Are there  examples in production environments we can point to? 

If we do consider this best practice, it's no longer a "gap" and I will propose to remove parts of [13.3]( from the document. @andrea-perego has already kindly done some updates to the best practice document in PR 

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