Re: [sdw] SOSA CR: Remove `rdfs:range` on `sosa:resultTime` (#1338)

Hello.  I'm happy to file a separate issue on this, but thought it would be good to augment this thread a little.

The [SOSA iPhone Barometer example]( includes two usages of `sosa:resultTime`.  The usage attached to `<Observation/346344>` is as a `owl:DatatypeProperty`, which also matches the definition in the SOSA ontology file.  The usage attached to `<Observation/346345>` is as an `owl:ObjectProperty`, having a `time:Instant` as its triple-object.

Usage of `resultTime` in both of these manners is a violation of OWL 2 DL's disjointedness of `ObjectProperty`s from `DatatypeProperty`s.

Circling back to @edmondchuc 's requested relaxation: Is the intent to still keep `resultTime` as a `DatatypeProperty`?  Or, with the removal of the range specification, is the intent to make `resultTime` into an `ObjectProperty` with `time:Instant` as the range, in satisfaction of the not-quite-guaranteed availability of timestamp precision?

If it's helpful for the example OWL 2 DL error to be raised as a separate Issue, I'm happy to file that if anyone suggests I do.

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