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I would like to announce the Prez [1] software that we have been working on which is a Linked Data API that also implements an OGC API: Features interface.

You can see a working copy of it online at: https://asgs.linked.fsdf.org.au/dataset/asgsed3

This particular dataset, the "Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Edition 3", is formulated as GeoSPARQL-based RDF data that the API reads and can present as RDF, HTML or GeoJSON, as per OGC API.

Use is made of GeoSPARQL 1.1 [2] for the Dataset/FeatureCollection/Features structuring and also the CQL-to-SPARQL mapping.

We will complete delivery of 8 Australian national spatial datasets similar to this one as part of Australia's "Digital Atlas" project by the end of June. The goal is that the fundamental data for this Atlas will be available online in this Semantic Web and OGC API form and analytics on it can be performed using (Geo)SPARQL operations. This work builds on several years of operational Linked Data experimentation in Australia.

We welcome feedback on Prez and this API instance and on our interpretations of Linked Data and OGC API forms.

Sadly I cannot attend tomorrow's meeting to hear Bill Roberts present on this topic but I will be attending SDWWGs meeting soon.



[1] https://github.com/surroundaustralia/Prez/
[2] https://opengeospatial.github.io/ogc-geosparql/geosparql11/spec.html

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