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Hi Robert,

I think this relatively old hat – people were isolating deep underground for ~100 days about 50 years ago – same result – they thought time passed slower than it did, and also their circadian rhythms started free-running.

Nothing new for Temporal DWG – all individuals have their own clock, just as in Special Relativity, all observers have their own, and in IETF RFC 3339, all computers have their own. None are precisely comparable unless synchronized to a certain level of precision!

Glad to know you are thinking about time! Cheers, Chris
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Subject: Of temporal logic and clocks

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Hi all

I thought this is an interesting use case or thought experiment on temporal logic.. <>

I haven't come up with anything new.. just thought I'd share it to see if anyone else found it interesting or potentially useful.

The 15 participants were in the dark both literally and metaphorically in that they had no contact with the outside world and had no clocks for 40 'days'. So essentially the only clock they each had was their own circadian rhythm. Participants were given joint projects to accomplish, but reported that organising was difficult without a shared clock or sense of time.

So I got to thinking what this meant from the perspective of shared temporal logic - what they might be able to agree on and what they couldn't.

I realise this is pretty much the situation with geological time, but it is a contemporary example of short period. Local (or personal) sequences are robustly known, and at specific points when people meet their personal sequences can be synchronised, but greater detail is either pure conjecture or reliant on other independent information.

Cheers.. Just idly pondering
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