Joint meeting SDWIG and WoT

Dear SDWIG-ers, 

At discussed briefly during our last telco, the Web of Things interest group is seeking collaboration with us on the topic of geolocation standards in relation to web of things. To that end, I am working with the WoT chairs to set up a joint meeting. 

We have pinpointed the time slot which is 13:00-15:00 UTC at December 10th. So our regular time slot plus one hour before, which gives us 2 hours total. This time slot also falls within an OGC TC meeting, and will allow WoT to engage not only with regular SDWIG members but with the larger OGC community.

Next is to figure out the agenda. We are using this issue for doing that [1]. 

If you have something you want to present at this joint meeting, please add to the issue. For inspiration, look at the WoT TPAC breakout slides and minutes [2]. 

My takeaways from that breakout session were: 
- WoT are working on updates of published specs and a new use case doc (one of them is 'geospatial systems') and new work on discovery and profiles.
- The discovery level defines a mechanism to deliver thing descriptions in a secure and privacy preserving way, while enabling content based queries and *spatial searches*.
- They are seeking collaboration with us, we agreed that  some follow-up on coordination of geolocation standards is needed between our groups.

On the same day there is a GeoSemantics DWG meeting at 14:00 UTC, we can make that a joint meeting with SDWIG as well, if there is interest. Let me know by replying to this email. SDWIG members can join GeoSemantics meetings whether it is joint with SDWIG or not, but if we make it a joint meeting, the agenda would combine topics and business from SDWIG and GeoSemantics DWG. 



Received on Friday, 20 November 2020 08:23:45 UTC