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Re: WebVMT Status Update

From: Rob Smith <rob.smith@awayteam.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2020 16:22:18 +0100
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Cc: "Little, Chris" <chris.little@metoffice.gov.uk>, "public-sdwig@w3.org" <public-sdwig@w3.org>
To: Scott Simmons <ssimmons@ogc.org>, Gobe Hobona <ghobona@ogc.org>

Thanks for your email. Sorry I didn’t see your reply last month as it was filtered out of my email, which I’ve hopefully now corrected.

WebVMT needs to be registered as a MIME type at some stage on the road to standardisation, which is my ultimate aim, and I’d welcome your guidance on when and how best to do that. My thought was that MIME registration may help advertise WebVMT’s existence to the relevant communities online and encourage uptake.

WebVTT is already registered and as WebVMT is based on it, that seems like a good place to start. However, I’d like to better understand how long the registration process takes, any preliminary steps needed and the pros and cons of registering earlier or later. Are there advantages or penalties to using the vendor tree over the standards tree, and is the process explained clearly somewhere online?

Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks.

Rob Smith

Away Team
www.awayteam.co.uk <http://www.awayteam.co.uk/>

> On 19 May 2020, at 18:10, Scott Simmons <ssimmons@ogc.org> wrote:
> Rob,
> I manage our IANA registrations, so happy to help. IANA will accept a registration in the standards tree only once a standard is formally adopted. If you want a registration sooner rather than later, you would need to use the vendor tree. I believe that media types can move between trees. I cannot register the media type for you in the vendor tree, but can help you with the paperwork… I am getting moderately competent at registering.
> Best Regards,
> Scott
>> On May 19, 2020, at 10:55 AM, Little, Chris <chris.little@metoffice.gov.uk <mailto:chris.little@metoffice.gov.uk>> wrote:
>> Rob,
>> 3.i) I suggest you approach Gobe Hobona about registering the MIME types first with the OGC Naming Authority as a precursor to registering with IANA. OGC has had some recent IANA experience and is fine tuning the process.
>> 3.ii) How about contacting the Chair of the SVG WG, Amelia Bellamy-Royds amelia.bellamy.royds@gmail.com <mailto:amelia.bellamy.royds@gmail.com>?
>> SVG2 is meant to be backward compatible with SVG 1.2, but modularised, with some modules actually being part of CSS and other W3C standards. Unfortunately, fill and stroke are here https://drafts.fxtf.org/fill-stroke-3/ <https://drafts.fxtf.org/fill-stroke-3/> still a FPWD. And it is CSS Level 3.
>> What’s the problem? (I lurk on the SVG WG)
>> Chris
>> From: Rob Smith <rob.smith@awayteam.co.uk <mailto:rob.smith@awayteam.co.uk>> 
>> Sent: 15 May 2020 15:13
>> To: public-sdwig@w3.org <mailto:public-sdwig@w3.org>
>> Subject: WebVMT Status Update
>> 1. Progress Made
>>     i. Presented WebVMT to Full Motion Video to Moving Features [1] task kick-off meeting on 7th April 2020 in OGC Testbed-16 [2].
>>     ii. Participated in weekly progress calls for OGC Testbed-16 FMV to Moving Features [1] task as an Observer.
>>     iii. Continued development of Android app in preparation for publishing on Google Play store.
>> 2. Next Steps
>>      i. Create mapping between WebVMT and MISB 0903 [3] VMTI metadata for OGC T16-FMV [1] task.
>>      ii. Publish Android app on Google Play store.
>>      iii. Continue community outreach and identify more activities to promote progress towards the standardisation track.
>> 3. Help Requested
>>     i. Guidance on how best to register a MIME file type [4] for WebVMT through IANA.
>>     ii. Advice on how to handle ‘stroke' and ‘fill' properties using CSS, similar to SVG [5], or who to contact about this.
>> [1] https://portal.ogc.org/files/?artifact_id=91644#PartFMV <https://portal.ogc.org/files/?artifact_id=91644#PartFMV>
>> [2] https://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/initiatives/t-16 <https://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/initiatives/t-16>
>> [3] https://www.gwg.nga.mil/misb/docs/standards/ST0903.5.pdf <https://www.gwg.nga.mil/misb/docs/standards/ST0903.5.pdf>
>> [4] https://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/media-types.xhtml <https://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/media-types.xhtml>
>> [5] https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/SVG/Tutorial/Fills_and_Strokes <https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/SVG/Tutorial/Fills_and_Strokes>
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