RE: Spatial Data on the Web - let’s get busy again. (prep for meeting on 25th June)


Welcome back! ;-)

I think the Funnel is a good idea, but found the distinction with projects not helpful, with activities in two ‘places’.

I suggest the activities all be in the same funnel. Maybe ‘projects’ should have been labelled ‘funnel mouth’ or something.


From: Tandy, Jeremy <>
Sent: 22 June 2020 17:57
Subject: Spatial Data on the Web - let’s get busy again. (prep for meeting on 25th June)

Good morning/afternoon/evening folks - where ever you may be!

You might be thinking “Jeremy Tandy - who’s he?” or “Where’s Jeremy been for ages and ages?”. Yes - it’s true: I’ve been out of the SDW loop for many months leaving the leadership of our Interest Group to Linda. A big THANK YOU to her for keeping the show on the road during that time! But where have I been? The really short summary is that I had to take time out from work to recover from illness, then a gradual return back to work, then global pandemic and lockdown (which threw a different kind of spanner in the works). Now finally I’m able to re-engage with the Interest Group and share the workload with Linda as her co-chair. Hopefully some of you might see that as good news :-)

So (with my co-chair hat on) it’s time for me to figure out where we are with all our Projects [1] ahead of our next meeting on Thursday 25th June at 13.00(UTC).

If you’re nominally leading one of the projects I’ll be in touch to ask about your project’s status and how you want to take things forward.

One thing that I’d ask you all to think about ahead of our meeting on Thursday is how we should manage our projects as we morph back into a Working Group once more. Do we still want to operate as a funnel / pipeline / incubator for emerging geospatial Web standards, or do we want to focus on a small handful of activities for publication as NOTEs and RECs? Or do both?

Best regards & looking forward to speaking on Thursday.



Jeremy Tandy
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