SDWIG f2f meeting planning 2020

Dear SDWIG members!

Assuming we will be rechartered, I'm already thinking ahead to the face to face meetings for SDWIG in 2020. As you probably know, our charter tells us to meet at least once a year at a W3C meeting and once a year at an OGC meeting.

TPAC - the W3C meeting is in October in Vancouver. I prefer to have a SDWIG meeting at TPAC next year since we skipped it in 2019 and we don't want to loose the connection to W3C community.

It would then be ideal to have the other f2f at an OGC meeting in the first half of 2020. However, we have:

- Hong Kong in the first week of March 2020. - this is a bit early and to be honest I don't expect a whole lot of people from this group to go there.
- Montreal in June 2020 - not ideal, it would be preferable to have at least one f2f in Europe since we have many European participants...

Another option would be to have a self-hosted meeting lasting one or two days in e.g. May - Geonovum could probably host again in Amersfoort, the Netherlands but other offers are of course very welcome.

If we opt for the self-hosted thing we would still be able to have a short (e.g. 2 hour) meeting at one or both OGC meetings in Q1-Q2 2020, which people already traveling to the OGC meeting could attend physically, and others could dial into. This/these meeting(s) would then function mostly as an interface to the larger OGC community.

Of course, an alternative is to stick to TPAC + the 2 hour meeting at either one of the OGC meetings, and forego a 1 or 2 day meeting in the first half of 2020.

Any thoughts, preferences?


Received on Tuesday, 14 January 2020 13:01:22 UTC